Antipodal Evolution, Vitaly Samarin Alexius (2D)


Title: Antipodal Evolution
Name: Vitaly Samarin Alexius
Country: Canada
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Eternal twilight had released its grip upon the world.
The moon had risen to see the land turned over, torn apart.
The shadows of the glowing, decimated, silent cities have returned.
The scorched, black, metallic skeletons of buildings have appeared from the silver mist of mercury and sulfur.
The radioactive dust had settled on the piles of our bones.
How blind and how thoughtless was our move.
How pointless as it seemed now, our war for land.
That was waged in the name of unity and god.
That brought a great downfall,
And the eternal winter,
A dawn of thermonuclear reckoning and our eventual extinction

Nay, evolution of survivors into
death itself.

Drawing time: 1 day- 14 hours non stop.
Hardware used: a single ball mouse
Real size:
4000x6000 pixels


Wow! really cool perspective and lightning


that what me think too.:smiley: :bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Yeah, perspective is really great.
Light and composition is fantastic too.
I like it very much:scream: :thumbsup:


damn nice work, very much to look at, and the perspective is awesome :wink:


cool perspective. buy your self a tablet :slight_smile: i used to draw with the mouse too. but changed to toblet. takes some days to get used to it. but you wont regret it.



Really beautiful work, especially considering its a mostly monotone work. The figure is exceptionally well done, and the perspective really lends a sense of drama. The repetition of the crosses in the image is a clever touch, especially the building one. And I really like the way the buildings have a very textural feel, almost like tree bark. Wonderful stuff.


I agree with Zepyhri, the monotone makes the work beautiful, at the same time the scene composition get the work better.




I really love that character! and the colors are great!:bounce:


it’s looking nice. Just that I feel the paint job for 3rd segment of the bottom left part of the building a bit too messy compared to the rest of the picture. Feels a bit like a rushed job sinve the rest of the picture was rendered nicely.

lighting looks good too


simply fantastic. i love the perspective and the character! and lighting. well, i like everything in this pic.


it’s sooooooooooo cool! I like it! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


awesome image!



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