Anti-Venom, Candy Lab (3D)


Title: Anti-Venom
Name: Candy Lab
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Maya, mental ray, ZBrush

Promotional image created by Candy Lab’s Creative Director Fabrizio Fioretti to promote the studio’s organic abilities. Modelled in Maya. Detailed in zBrush. Rendered in Mental Ray.


wow… thats pretty cool. specially that gooy white stuff


wow! I love it! Wonderful work! Would be great to see some wires, meshes, etc!


AWESOME!!:slight_smile: Fabulous!!:slight_smile:


This is 100% front page material. No question.

OUTSTANDING WORK!! The detail and composition are incredible. Well done!


That’s pretty good! Weird, but in good way :thumbsup:


nice details, beauty shading.


excellent but its face is too dark, I can’t see any details


great image man its really dynamic


very good work man:thumbsup:


Awesome work man!


Thats insane :surprised… The modeling and textures really gives life to the image… It makes me feel icky :argh:.

It would´ve been cool if this kind of concept would have made it to the Spiderman 3 movie… it would´ve made a wicked Venom to say the least.


wO.Ow man! Thats just great!
Is it possible to show us a wireframerendering?
Did you use displacement or normalmaps?

Sorry for the spam, but I couldn’t find a solution.
How can I contribute one of my renderings?


really cool model and shading, I love it:thumbsup:


Nice work, just find textures little bland.


Fabulous render :thumbsup:.


Well I never thought I would have nightmares from just browsing CGTalk. Now that’s some creepy…stuff.


Very nice !


really gr8 work… thx 4 sharing…


bravo!!! :thumbsup:

avvisa quando fai cose nuove, però :stuck_out_tongue: