Anti-Aliasing after Sky Replacement


Could anyone educate me on why I’m getting this thin white anti-aliasing line on my foreground image after replacing my sky? I’m working in Maya and rendered out the scene before bringing into photoshop. I found a background image I wanted to use but keep getting this thin white aliasing.

What would you recommend I do to correct it. I haven’t gotten to color correcting the new sky/backplate because of the issue I’m having. I’d like to correct “it” before tweaking this image.

Any suggestions offered are greatly appreciated.

After Sky Replacement

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I don’t know for Maya and am probably behind on some other stuff, but…

I guess you rendered against a white background so the roof line and the background blended together at the edge.

If you can save an image with the background as an alpha I think you want to make sure “premultiplied” is off (but I haven’t gotten around to actually researching that).

With the render on a different layer than the background, you can remove fringe. I think it’s at the bottom of the the layer menu.

Hopefully somebody better will chime in.