Antarctic Oil


A few hundred years into the future mega corporations have been tapping into the oil fields in Antarctica. Ships take the assets off planet servicing the new colonies.
A maintenance ship is arriving to inspect the near complete construction on the automated super refinery.


Nice image by the way, plenty of detail in it.


Nice work. I’m just a little bit confused with the clouds near the building, but overall is really nice. good job :thumbsup:


yes nice image but a really confusing composition, I can’t really tell what’s clouds or snow. It feels like we’re looking down but there’s sky in the top-left corner…:curious:


realy nice composition !


I was going to comment once i could fully D/L the large version, but i havn’t been able to so in the three days (I get about a 3rd of the image, with anyones image actually)…

TOP composition, even from the small version there is a huge sense of perspective and scale…It really is my favourite!..

Good on ya mark




it looks just like a scene from a hollywood movie!
awesum work! :bounce:


Mesmerizing atmosphere…reminds me of your Eon entry. Super.


[color=white]Beautiful I think I can almost give up now.[/color]


perfect…good looking…but
clouds are pics or you made them?:smiley:


Hi I really like this image:thumbsup: its has a great feeling of scale to it! Could you let us know a little more about how you created the clouds in this scene, Its hard to tell weather the image is mainly matte painting or 3d would be great to see some wires.


Thanks for the great feedback everyone. [size=2]I really [font=Arial]appreciate it.

@[/size][/font]eafreak - Thanks!

@sandu22 - Thanks for the feedback and crit.

@biliousfrog - Thanks for looking! Those be mountains in the top left.

@MatthiasM - Thank you sir.

@infoarq & rajkamal. Great feedback. Thanks.

@LightSovereign - cheers matey. I’m always really impressed with your work so it’s a great honor getting your thumbs up!

@Nazirull - thanks man. Your work is brilliant. I’m glad you stopped by for a looksee!

@LostTraveler - mate, come on! I’m glad you said “almost” hhehe.

@tiny1890 & Sully - The clouds & terrain were [font=&quot]initially generated in Terragen with extensive post work in Photoshop. You can see the process here :[/font]



I’m:) really like lt.


Confused but liked it a lot especialy the space ship…

Check mine and let me know about them…

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i loved this when you posted this at the start of the year…pity it wasnt made just for the comp…
friggen nice image tho…makes me dizzy every thime i look at it

edit…maybe im tripping…thought id seen it before…


Enviable artistry!


The image is fantastic! Shame I can’t see the buildings well. Anyway, great job!


Very nice! Great marks for you m8!


Great scene. The detail and comp are very impressive. It does get a little confusing, but it works well. Confusion is not bad quality in this case.

Very nice!