"Another Worlds - Andere Welten" - nice SCi-Fi to offer...



             We are a tiny group of german artists and we would like to produce an upcoming Shortfilm/Music Video. We´re looking for really fantastic Sci-Fi music of an fabulous sound artist outside Germany. We like to realize a futuristic Shortfilm/Music Video showing a journey to and through another bizarre worlds with a lot of outstanding 3D and VFX elements inside. 
                            "Main focus is to produce an outstanding Music Video with an dramatic but wonderfull futuristic theme! Other goals are learning from it and share different techniques in specific applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS Max, Maya, XSI, C4D, Mental Ray, Vray, Vue and finishing compositing in After Effects and Adobe Premiere (or node based compositing in Nuke, Fusion, Shake or Toxik). Another goal is to produce an outstanding tuturial and reference of it for everybody who wants to lern the making of an HQ Shortfilm and how things get done in a team."
              If you are interested making an exclusiv soundtrack to an outstanding Sci-Fi Shortfilm/Music Video or like to work with us online then write an email to us: [email="http://forums.cgsociety.org/klasmeier@directbox.com"]klasmeier@directbox.com[/email] or comment here. Hopefully we could come together and talk about more in detail what thoughts we have to offer and what is needed to start the project!
                         Concepts and working progress would be posted and uptaded daily here at cgs. Building a project website based on the title "Another Worlds - Andere Welten" will come as well. 

Domain is allready reserved: www.anotherworlds-anderewelten.de
You can suggest your own concepts and thoughts. There is no time presure at all to get this project done, but it will for sure. If people like to support us to realize great SCi-Fi thoughts and transform them in to an high quality Shortfilm they should stay in touch with us as well. Everybody arround the world is invited to make this visions happen and support us.

         If you have any questions feel free to ask.
                             Best Regards and respect to all of you
             Thomas Klasmeier


We are proud “Santi Espejo” joined our team while he is designing the Soundtrack to the upcoming movie “Another Worlds - Andere Welten”.

Thank you very much Santi!


Thomas, have you tried a guy called Andrew Sega ? Can’t remember his nick from the 90s, he created soundtracks for several computer games, including Crusader:No Remorse and No Regret. He’s better known as The Alpha Conspiracy. Check out his website and most importantly, his album Cipher from 2001. Some awesome tracks there, especially The Martian Lovesong. Completely outworldish in the true sense.


Seems like more and more people are thinking about doing this…already contacted about half a dozen and none seem to be into joining forces to create more than their individual outlet…

If you guys get this going , have quality work and are into more than doing a lone gun deal, contact re inclusion collabunlimited network! :wip:


Since my point of view there is no problem :slight_smile:

I´ll do the track in the next weeks, i´ll show it to you and i´ll release it in my web site. If you like it i´ll do the final mix in 2010, for your project. If you prefer other track, there is no problem :wink: But i believe in your project, and the common places among my music and your video.

I am working with illusion in my music and you are working with illusion in your video, this is the important. Later, both sides can be linked in the final music video or film with soundtrack… Then, your video will help to my music and my music to your video. I have nothing to lost.


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