another rotoscope question ...


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Is there a way of setting a movie to be a rotoscope image?
Sure there should be - but somehow I can’t figure it out.

Or maybe I am just using a wrong codec !?!
Which codecs are supported by XSI or which compression is best?
Could I even put a TGA sequenze in the background?

Thanks for your time!


definitely u can…

use tga sequence
but it’s quite big, and u can mjpeg codec to compress them.

the reason to use mjpeg is that everyframe is keyframe, so u can jump to any frame any time.


can someone maybe post some sites here where it’s explained about the principle of doing this (no matter what program) even if there are specific tutors on this for some programs plz post it too. i would love to try and combine live footage with cg


So can you use ANY codec as long it keys every frame?


as long as media player can play it back, i guess u can use it in xsi…

but always do a little test before doing the whole thing;)

I didnt promise anything;)


well of course i tried around a lot … and many videos that i can play in my media player just wont show up in XSI.

Many of them even crash XSI w/o any message!

Is there a codec to recommend?
what about quicktime, btw?


I would recommend morgan mjpeg codec, which is fast, and high quality.

but i haven’t tried it in xsi yet.

thinking about mjpeg, u can always load a series of jpeg files, which is exactly the same way mjpeg codec works.


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