Another portfolio for all to see


Well actually its more of a studio website, but I want to know what people think!
The profile link is still being added. (This site is still in beta) none of the videos work yet because I haven’t compressed them. I just want to know what people think of the interface.


I like the idea, but, I think something wrong with composition. Maybe you should play with it.


can you tell me anything else about the composition? what makes it feel awkward?


It seems very “spread out” and loosely put together but I do like the site though, it’s very usable and those petals (?), contrary to my expectations, don’t actually get annoying.

It’s looking good, but the layout could be refined. :wink:


Not bad. My personal prefrence is for smaller text but I think that you have a lot of space to fill so the larger text may be a necessity. If you are using the rolover commands in flash throw in one for release outside so the active states don’t linger if someone does release outside.

I always like some motion in a site so the rain is a nice touch in my book.


Thanks. I’m still working on adding transitions and stuff.

The pennies falling in the backround were just textured pennies made in max and simulated with particle flow. I think they turned out pretty good!


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