Another modeling reel from VFS


hello everyone I just finsihed my student modeling reel from VFS and I would like to share it with everyone here. Let me know whatcha’ think about it, Its been a good long year at the school and now I’m gonna go rest for a few days and think up an new project to start working on while I job hunt.

Okay heres a much smaller version, And I’m very sorry about the down load speed but the VFS server is getting slammed right now.If there’s any mirrors out there for me and my class mates we would appreciate it.

EDIT: hey I guess my link was going all 404 on me, but its fixed now

right click and save target as
gene campbell
Vancouver B.C.


Wow Gene! This is incredible work! I can’t imagine what a long journey it must have been. I’ll bet there were late nights and unimaginable frustrations. At least it all paid off in the end. If anything I’ve seen deserves front page this is definately it. Good luck in your future endeavours. :thumbsup:

I’ll see you tonight for a drink then?



Hihi Gene!!

Congratulations! You worked hard the past 3 terms and it all paid off in a great modelling reel! Thanks for not making your girl ALL t 'n a, but shapely and nicely proportioned! We still need to draw our “not-hot” chicks someday.

Good luck with wherever you apply to, and keep in touch with us!



ohhhh the VFS servers suck…

I’m looking forward to seeing it…6.81k/bs

You might think of recompressing to around 30Mb…72Mb is a bit much even for people on broadband.

Must feel good to be finished.

EDIT: finally finished downloading: Nice stuff Gene, I dig the Guy and Chick, especially the rig test on the guy, looks good. The City felt a little unfinished…but the whole reel had a great presentation, awesome work. I’ll pass a link on to my boss.



goody goody gene!
good character designing and modeling. luv the city. congrats on finishing and good luck for your job hunt…
hope to see this on front page soon…


Awesome Reel Gene! Your whole class seems to have pulled out some great work and yours is no exception! Best of luck to ya!


kickass :bounce:


great work… but I dont think its clear from the video in what field you want to work


Sweet Job Gene!

Good stuff! I like the character design and all!

Best of Luck!


Hey Gene, I saw your reel today…very, very, very nice! Good job, can’t wait to see your next characters!


hey Gene. Mike showed us the other day - very nice work. some of you guys really came through and did some awesome work. im sure you’ll have no problems getting a job, so it’s hardly even worth it to wish you the best of luck.

even so… good luck, man :slight_smile:


man your reel is so sweet…thats a freakin ‘boatload’ of work man…good job …i’m really glad to see you worked really hard all the through…can’t wait to see your new works man…also your 2d stuff to…don’t forget to post on often k…i’ll be checking for you…


I want to see your works but I can’t download it. I want to ask your sever is ok?
how can other people download your work? would you show me the way?


hey guys thanks for the replies, I’ve changed the link so it should be a bit faster for you artech79.

McSpirit- I would like to be a character modeler and designer, where in my reel were you miss lead?


The VFS servers suck, you need to right click and save target as


Hey Gene,

For the whole year, I couldn’t wait to see what your reel would look like. And it’s great. You should really be proud. Good luck!


Great work Gene, I’m sure you’ll have no problems succeeding in the future. Keep it up.



Just wanna say that you reel has turn out really coool. The city is fantasic. Would be cool if you use the “I ran” song as you did in term 4… hahahaa…

adrian ng

Turntablism Rocks!


that’s an awesome reel gene_c. i like the concept drawings for the characters, especially the schematics for the mechanical arm of ruckus, and the city looks amazing. way to go.


Hey Gene,

I really like how your characters turned out.
Awsome reel.