Another Mech


ok i hope somebody will actually comment on this thread.

the app i used was 3dsmax 5, and the render was the default render that came with max. i used three lights, a key light a fill and an omni light.

please any c&c’s are welcome, still working on the lighting.

the pictures right below are also the newest ones, (just so nobody has to go digging for the updates)

edit:updated the renders


haha! its built out of k’nex! man i used to love building motorized gadgets out of those when i was a kid! you really ought to get some color in this image! make all the pieces colored like real k’nex!

good work!

also, i suggest getting a different renderer. the built-in scanline renderer sux. try vray or brazil.


hm the modell looks good… but the light and the colors hm



all right thanks, (keep watching for updates)

i will make a list of what to do:
-texture indiviual pieces
-render with better renderer(?)

i will get started on that tonight


well you can stick witht he scanline renderer if you want to, i’m just saying that photo-realistic results are nearly impossible with it. its very limited in what it can do.

if you are interested in using brazil, go here for introduction tutorials:
click his Tutorials link and have a ball.

also, i can give you a heads up on brazil.
my aim is q2veteran
my msn is


okay this is one of many updates,

the edges are no longer the death dealing razor blades but softer looking (thanks for the hint,pha3z)

next i am going to add lights and some materials, currently i am using the default 2-light setup (its late at night, or early morning. dont ask)

i think the light setup is more important for the next step than the materials


the edges are no longer the death dealing razor blades

great work! i wouldn’t want any children to hurt themselves with K’nex of Doom!

the geometry is looking very realistic now!
i’ll be looking forward to seeing lighting and color. :slight_smile:


okay here(s) i think the final lighting solution for today, i know its kinda dark but…

i would like to have the background be white (like you see in many car renderings, but dont know how to do it, tried a few tutorials)

overall i am pretty satisfied with it.


there’s two or three different ways to get that white background look.

here’s one good way:
a) set environment to black (looks like you already did that)
b) put a HUGE tube around the entire scene and go to the object properties on it. Turn off raytrace visibility. We want this thing to ONLY be visible to the camera :slight_smile: Also turn off Casts Shadows and Recieves Shadows.
c) now put a plain white material on the tube and set self-illumination to pure white. This way the tube will show up as 100% white regardless of the rest of the scene lighting.
d) render and you will see a white background that is invisible to the other objects in the scene :slight_smile:

This technique actually demonstrates a basic power that CG has over real life photography. We can have all the objects in a scene raytrace or react to specific things while using any background or other things we want without altering the rest of the scene!


ok the last update before the dentist appointment.

i attached to pics on is the “detail view” the other is the render view, tmw i am going to add some shadows to tired to mess with those right now.


put a floor under it.

and before you go any further, start adding color materials to those parts. i’m getting tired of looking at the boring grey :stuck_out_tongue:


all righty then i swear that this will be the last b&w update,

next i want to get started on the materials, its just that the grey line/horizon line has been bothering me and everything i tried to get rid of it wouldnt want to co-operate (might be because its midnight). lol

anyway i dont expect the materials to take as long, but then again i haver really dealt with them and i am sure there will be surprises.

if i dont do the materials well i wont feel too bad since for me this is pretty much a finished model. probably one of the best ones i have done so far.

the newest renders are on the very first post. and below


horizon line caused by:

your background is a gradient… getting that to meet up with the horizon without a line is gonna be really hard. you’ll need to use solid white in the background if you want something easier to work with. the background should not be being lit by the lights. it should have full self-illumination so its just solid white and make sure its only visible to the camera – not reflection,refraction.

then you’ll have to get rid of the gradient on the ground too if you want it to meet the horizon nicely… i suggest changing thing your point lights to be Directional with parallel rays instead of cones with a spread. This way you can light the entire scene with uniform light as if it were coming from the sun or something incredibly far away.

alternatively: you can just paint the line out in photoshop post-render :stuck_out_tongue:



i cant remember putting in a gradient but thats allright


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