another female celebriity head attempt


wow! she’s just beautiful.

I really like the actress; and this model IS her.

great job!




NURBS patches… whoa… the prodigal skill returns…


Thank you all for the replys. I hope I could get more crits where she must be changes or modified. I got extremely lazy so another update would take some time so I posted another actor I made. C&C welcome.

neversong: Thank you. I know your works well through cgland. awesome work!

Phugative: I study at AAU right now. graduating soon from graduate school. thanks for the comments !

Pickled_Poly: thank you for the compliments.

ROWAN: thank you. I hope I could make a bit more professionally clean model.

ryusen: yes. I actually like nurbs. :slight_smile:


ZING !! :surprised

And this one is even more impressive … wow… nurbs too ?
I’m stunned :argh: … I would love to see more of your work …
Any finished piece ?



She looks great, but much I like Gene Hackman. He looks fantastic, wery well done :applause:


Not that I’m qualified to have an opinion, but I recognized Audrey Hepburn immediately. Textured the impact would be better, but the likness is definately good.

The gentleman I don’t recognize, but that means nothing.


Wow! The Gene Hackman is immediately recognizable! No doubt about that one! That stern look is dead on! Only crit would be that the hair seems too soft and/or not enough cuts or creases. Very little definition. Still awesome work, though!


HOLY HELL, you are an amazing modeler. They look perfect in respects to their real counterparts. When I saw the images right away I knew who they were, it took me a whole 3 seconds to clue in. To me your one of the better HUMAN modelers I have seeon on this site. A job well done. And I can’t wait to see some more.

Take care.


Great sculpting. Looks like you’re very good at human anatomy. Looking forward for updates


wow i love your style man.Good anatomy.
well, i can’t wait to see more


at the risk of sounding a fanboy, im sorry but you must be the best patch modeller ive een in a long time.

Both pieces are amazing, show us the wire of the gene model. Cant beleieve that a patch model aswell.

Great work, keep it up.


Great!! wireframe plzz =))


different from the usual faces we have here.

I instantly recognize Sharon Stone and Arnold S. huhu:bowdown:


excellent job ! very nice wire and studies! !


Absolutely fantastic work, the fatty skin on the cheeks looks brilliant, cant wait to see this with a good skin shader and texture, truly one of the best modelled character heads I have ever seen, I would give you 6 stars if I could.


both Audrey and Gene look great! I think you should soften and smooth her up a bit because the creases on her cheeks and the bumps on the chin and the rest of the face make her look older than she was when the original picture was taken. Still awesome modeling:thumbsup:


truly excellent modeling, and in NURBS! both are instantly recognizable, and you’ve really captured Audrey in a mesmerizing expression which looks very much alive. top notch stuff! oh, and I would also love to see the nurbs wire for Gene if it’s not to much hassle.


awsome models.


stunning models
Gene Hackman is xtremely real even without shading
you are truely an artist, 5 stars
how long did it take you ?


Have to agree with everyone else: Very good likenesses of both Gene Hackman and Audrey Hepburn - No doubt as to who either one was right away.
Definately some of the best CG models of famous people I’ve seen in these forums.
I’m giving you something I rarely if ever give -5 Stars.
Now, hows about a wire of Gene? :bounce:

EDIT-What software(s) do you use?