another female celebriity head attempt


The mermaid is the first model I done when I started at AAU. It won’t be used as a model in my demo but I still like it so I decided to use it as a hardcopy ver.
It looks a bit stiff becasue I wasn’t use to pose nurbs models in the beginning. C&C welcome!

the building is an old one. It was a school project for a maya1 class. I was happy to learn maya that time . it was done 3 years ago… some of the cars and boat was modeled at my previous school.

I designed the riffle myself, the satellites design was from a recent sci-fi movie.


Can’t tell who that is but it sure looks great! The smile is realy nice!


Audrey Hepburn?


Dude…it’s obviously Audrey Hepburn. I can’t believe you would even ask if people could tell! Seriously, great job, and great likeness. Most likenesses I see aren’t very good, or just bear a passing resemblance, but this is great. Much better than most I’ve seen here!!

The only crit I would make is that if you plan to post/animate her, starting with her smiling probably will make it hard to deform correctly.

Other than that, it’s far better than I can do, so I can’t say anything bad. Rock on!!!


I’m a lttle bored of all these women realistic model but this one is really different. Just wow. She had a real expression and that’s the difference. Very best work on eyes and mouth. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments Oliver:)

Mr, positive: Yes I hope so :slight_smile:

graphacks: Thank you for the compliment. I think this time I might put a facial expression on a head model :slight_smile:

authentic: I tried to put a smile on her which makes it very difficult. I might take her smile off if its not good enough.

now I’m trying to make a model worth putting on my portfolio. I have to tweak a lot of the smile and the face, and model the hair. C&C welcome. Please tell me anything where is wrong or weird. thank you.



Great stuff!

Excellent modeling! Love the smile!

she looks like audrey but also reminds a little of sinead oconnor :slight_smile:

I think u should make her neck shorter

Keep it up!


oooo great model!!:thumbsup: Love the expression and eyes. Nice job!!:scream:


looks great, her smile is so unique. :thumbsup:

any wires?


Hey jjcoolio !

Not a lot of C&C except WOW :eek:

Eyes are absolutely stunning , so the smile… Geez :thumbsup:
Would you mind if I ask you some details about this ?
Like which software did you use ?
If you would be ok to show the lowpoly wireframe ?
What have you planned for the next ? an entire model, texture , pose , anim ?.

Keep up the great work , and can’t wait to see your next update .

Cheers, :slight_smile:


Looks great. I love the smile. It’s perfect.
Are you gonna texture it?


Definitely the expression is great, seems very authentic, I’d keep it, or if you intend to animate and want to “blank” the expression please save that mesh for a blend, if this is possible (not an animating type)

Instantly recognisable imo, great job :thumbsup:


hey very cool this model3D
the expreccions very nice, great job


Awsome modeling! It’s so obviously Audrey Hepburn. I could tell it as soon as I saw it. I noticed your avatar on some other thread and instantly recognized her :slight_smile: GOOD JOB !


If I may suggest, could you soften these expression lines under the cheeks?:

This woman was extremely beautiful in her youth and, as you can see, when she was younger her face was a little bit more filled, giving her a more tender appearance.

Great model.


Thanks a lot folks! I really appreciate what you wrote.
I will check the areas with the problems and try to fix them.

The model is a nurbs patch model and I had ideas to make the torso so she could hold a cigar or something. If the pose or body is bad then I’m planning to go only with the head.
thank you all for the wonderful comments.
heres the wire of the head. I will soon post a small update soon.


This is absolutely stunning Jin, it looks just like her. Are you attending school right now, or working in the field? Just curious because im living in SF as well.


the model sceams life. very clean mesh .good loops good model i think its ace


Great work man , like the smile, i know the actor but just cant put a name to her


great work man you captured her nicly