Another Farnsworth house


Hi guys,

Yes, is another Farnsworth house. If you don’t know there is another LCXXXII: Architectural Landmark “intermezzo” based on this house and another one.

The model I am using is an old model I did using Sketchup, but all the interior furniture and chairs was provided by jojo1975.

So far, I used on HDRI to start the lighting, which is not final but help me to test some materials.

Right now I am working hard trying to create a realistic grass. Any critics and comments are welcome.


Another try


Looking good so far! Actually the second grass is pretty awesome. How was it made if you don’t mind?


Good news, everyone! This Farnsworth house is looking pretty good, but I would play with the settings to remove some of the grain and aliasing. The glass looks matt textured and has no reflections, making it look more like a cloth screen.


Chrisis, glad you liked. I am using the Multiscater plugin with 3 types of grass, 2 types of clover and galium, thyme and now a white flower. Then I use different alpha maps and “seed” for each one, so you can have a little more variety. I am writing a small post explaining this process.

Here is with the white flower and with medium quality settings.

Telemachus, thanks for your comment. The grain and the aliasing are result of the low settings, but I did another render with medium settings. I am using solidrocks by the way.

The glass is just a simple material for now, but I will start working on that this next week. I am still adding the final touch to the grass.

Thanks and keep coming those critics and comments. :arteest:


I see. I never tried multiscater, seems I should give it a try. Keep it up, it will look awesome with the trees around the house!


Thanks :thumbsup:
There is also another option call Forest Pack and it seems much better then this plugin, but for now I will use multiscatter for the grass and Forest Pack to the trees.


Already working with some materials. Here is the painted metal:


I am using VRay Blend material to add some rust to my metal material. So the Metal material is my main material and the Rust materials works as a Coat, but in the final result the displacement in the Rust material doesn’t appear. Is this behavior normal?


Looks great so far! I love a good Mat :smiley:


Thanks mate.

I will upload other materials I am using for this project.



Can anyone explain me why this is happening?

I am using a blend material to blend my main Painted Metal with a Rust material using a Mask texture. However, it doesn’t matter how high the value of the Rust Bump slot, my final render doesn’t show any signs of a bump. I am doing something wrong?


I found that using the mia_material from mental ray and then go into the attributes and select the GlassSolid preset works pretty good for realistic glass for windows but I am still a beginner so there might be better ways of doing that :stuck_out_tongue: looks really good by the way


Hey Edgar,

Thanks for your reply. Well in this case I am using V-ray but at the same time I am just focusing my attention at each material individually. I don’t know why, but it seems that when you use the Vray blend material you lose the bump or displacement. Anyone know why? :argh:


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