another 10 second WIP


Hi there. Here’s my first 10 second entry thus far. The first gesture isn’t timed up right and I’m not sure about the hand gestures at the end yet. I just moved to linear keys and am going to continue to refine and refine. Any crits or comments are welcome. Thanks. :slight_smile:

my clip


I like this direction and you have some nice strong poses in there. Granted the timing is pretty off, but you’re aware of that…

I think you’re trying to do too much tho. I like the first pensive pose and the two poses following. But I’m not to high on the stride over to screen right. I feel like you can milk poses 2 & 3 w/ some idle action before taking a step and striking into the “Hue” pose. Once he’s finished w/ that I think he can rock back and forth on his feet before having a single gesture to finish it off.

IMHO, I think you’re definitely trying to squeeze too much movement into the end and the middle. The dialog sounds as if he’s thinking about what he’s saying as he’s saying it. So play up the thinking poses and the smaller gestures.

You’re on a great track and it’s looking good!



Thanks for the crit. I will definitely work on these things. Especially the timing and the last half of gestures. Thanks again.


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