Anonymous takes aim at Zynga to stop layoffs and outsourcing jobs


This latest event takes the controversial issue of layoffs and outsourcing to a whole different level, as the shadowy Anonymous is now actively taking action to stop Zynga from laying off its hundreds of employees and outsourcing all jobs to India.

The subject of layoffs and outsourcing in the CG industries has been a popular one here at cgtalk, and this new spin surely adds a new element that none of us could have anticipated. What are your thoughts on what Anonymous is doing?

It’s a complex situation that involves illegal vigilantes, global business trends, game industry jobs. This topic is a hot potato, so please, everyone, be objective, respectful to others, and keep a cool head when posting.


Well? Who?


Every time I read a story like this, I have to check my calendar to make sure its not April 1st, or that the story didn’t originate from the Onion.

Interesting though. I got a nice laugh from it. Thanks for sharing!



On the whole, not a good idea. If anonymous actually do release Zynga’s games, then the management will probably just get pissed off and continue with the outsourcing.

OTOH the management may get a bit cautious of continuing, given anonymous’ track record…



Companies don’t outsource to be spiteful, but productive. Anonymous should not interfere with economic liberalism.


You seem to forget an important reason for outsourcing:
many companies outsource mainly because its cheaper than hiring local talent…


Anonymous is like a kid who found the key to his dad’s weapons locker and is now playing sheriff in real life…


In what way did I forget that? Isn’t it more productive to use fewer resources achieve an end result? In no real world circumstances are broad economic conditions improved by anything being less efficient and more costly.

As long as the methods are built on voluntary labor, I see no moral authority to interfere.


chances are high that this “anon” is someone from zynga.


That wouldn’t surprise me at all.


You’re right, but it’s a matter of preference apparently how you highlight the reasons for outsourcing.
Calling outsourcing more productive is basically a more “friendly” way to put it IMHO.


Part of the dispute is that zynga apparently has a billion dollars in the bank yet is laying off hundreds of people. Companies don’t have limits to profit margins and this ethical dispute is what apparently bothers anonymous.

Hard working creative people can literally make a billion dollars for a company and still not be enough to keep their jobs.



I’m getting pretty tired of their self-appointed role as sheriffs of the universe.


I certainly am not going to say anything bad about them online. :wavey:


Amen brother…


I see Anonymous as being pretty much analogous to GreenPeace or other real-world NGOs/pressure groups.

When governments, corporations and the general public fail to do the right thing with regards to something that concerns the IT/Internet realm, Anonymous step in with some select actions.

They really aren’t very different from more traditional realworld activists.

The sole difference is that Anonymous chooses the Internet/Cyberspace, rather than the streets, as their battleground.


I, for one, am very uncomfortable that an organization with so little discipline is wielding so much power.

Who watches the watchmen, indeed!


So Anonymous is threatening to release all Zynga’s games for free? Aren’t they “free” to begin with? There seems to be some rather large holes in their attack plan. Has Anonymous ever followed through with one of their pre-announced attacks? (That’s a serious question.)


Well, that and their, you know, anonymity. I don’t necessarily disagree with their views, actually. I just find their approach a little lacking. I guess I’ve always distrusted anonymity.


Like any of those activists, they should be judged case by case by the nature of their beliefs. Threatening people or groups of people for exercising their own will doesn’t cast them in a good light.