My sketch 2006


Recap 2005:

and this past year:

18ish in 2005 and 60ish in 2006 - thats quite encouraging :slight_smile: Happy new years everyone!


I’ve been around since this forum began but I didn’t start drawing until 2006. I have 26 or so pictures not including the Avatar Wars. Looking forward to another year.


Hope u’ll like it…


Hey, Icelanderus. You have great sketches with lots of detail! But this thread is for all the group selected topics you’ve participate in this past year. Please join us in the latest topics and bring that talent of yours for fine detail.

Here are a few of the latest topics:

[font=Verdana][color=white]CgTalk Daily Sketch 955 45MN “Sidekick”[/font][/color]

[font=Verdana][color=white]CgTalk Daily Sketch 954 NO TIME LIMIT “Hero”[/font][/color]

[font=Verdana][color=white]CgTalk Daily Sketch 953 NO TIME LIMIT “Napoleon”[/font][/color]


not to many to show for 2006, but here they are.


Hey everyone,
After watching the daily sketch for over… geez, two years now? And being a part of it in the beginning, I would like to offer you all a place to post your daily images- in what I think is a very clever solutions for daily work.

This is a site a friend of mine and I created. It was built to encourage photographers to take pictures everyday, and display their best one on a calendar that could be easily flipped through. What happens is very interesting, if you stick with it you can actually watch yourself improve your skills through the days, weeks and months!

Anyway, I thought it might lend itself to the daily sketch crowed. Please take a look. It is a free nonprofit site. No ads or anything, just a site I made as part of learning Django and how to program databases.

Enjoy! And comments are greatly welcomed!


Thanks Scott - thats an interesting site - ill have to check it out

wow 2008. Im scoring about 70 sketches for 07 - what im pleased about is the quantity rather than the quality hehe.

and with it looking like a busy year I dont know if ill be able to top that number this year, weep.

but im certainly going to enjoy trying! :thumbsup:


[left]Wow…only 19. Weird when you put them all in a collection like this.



totally forgot this one! here’s 2007


another year have past and a new one is here…


2008 just 25… maybe i’ll pick it up again, I first found the dsf late 2004 and ive changed and progressed quite a lot so thanks dsf for introducing me to speed sketches

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My first year in the DSF ! Alright, i’ve a lot of work to do to improve my (poor) skills, but I’ll never thank the DSF enough for this incredible opportunity and for the inspiration of so many great artists.


I am really happy to to be a member of this forum. would appreciate any feed back which in turn allows me to meet you.


damn! - it’s the poorest year ever
:sad: - this year I will do better… :beer:


wow, you guys should publish a yearly book of daily sketches. it’s quite impressive.