Holy crap… now that’s what I call a year of inspiration. I started it day one… sucked, but hey, that’s okay… got terribly occupied and just never managed to get back in.

Maybe year two will bode better… I really need the practice. Hmmm… let me see if I can get this tablet working right with the Gimp.


Unfortunately I haven’t touched a pencil in ages. But I want to thank everyone for a great sketching year. Good work! :slight_smile:


I had to do two collages because the images came from two separate computers. :shrug:


Soup, the girl with the popgun is so funny, hahaha!


Yikes, I’m late. I’ve been so busy with that CGWorkshop…
Well, feels silly to post so few, but here they are anyway. Amazing work everyone!!!


:eek: Wow!

I’m super busy at work but couldn’t stop clicking through until I looked at all the posts… I had no idea how big the DSG is.

I only recently started posting sketches, so there’s nothing for last year. Good luck to you all. Amazing!


Very cool to see all those thumbnails!
Only 16 images myself :sad:


Seemed like I had done more… I had one SOTW (“Deathwish”) and a few SOTD… but I can’t remember which ones those were. It’s great seeing a years’ worth of everyone’s work in one thread. Here’s to another year of sketching!


I wasn’t in the dsg that much, but I did my share:thumbsup:

I’m going to do a lot more next year!


Buzz3d, I could have sworn you had a lot more than that! Beautiful work though! When are you coming back? :wip:


…I had forgotten some of these. Wonderful body of work from everyone! :thumbsup:


Taron: Thanks! That’s a nice compliment from someone I admire very much.
Sorry that my reply took a while but my e-mail notification has stopped working somehow.
Yeah, I also thought I made more, but these were the ones I could find.
I hope to return but I’m going to be a dad in the next couple of weeks so drawing time is limited since a lot of preparations need to be made :slight_smile:
Loved your stuffed animals entry by the way!


Congratulations mate, all the best wishes for the new member of the family! :slight_smile: Make sure to initiate the little buzz3d into the ways of the DSG.

Good luck


that is good for the froum ,good ,supprot.


Congrats on the impending arrival of your new little artist, Buzz3d!



My website:


All VERY-VERY GOOD WORK! WOOOOW! I liky you pick’s ! This is Hobby?


Very nice work, I wouldn’t be suprised if people get illustration work from these posts.
Fantastic everyone… :buttrock:


Many of great works here :applause: DSF (DSG) rocks! :bounce:
Here are mine 26 sketches for this year.


and another 13 sketches :slight_smile: