Hi everyone! Wow, amazing how prolific the DSG has been over the last year. :beer:


wow… i´m really stunned… so many great sketches everybody!

i have only (:slight_smile: edit->) 3 so far… but i´m sure next year there will be more… hehe…

thanks to everybody for the inspiration! :thumbsup:


Paperclip thnx! You wanna be like me? Then be my evil twin :smiley:

Vitriolic great to see all your work at once! Love your paintings!

Hi Benita! Hope you mean “this year”! :wink:
Rock on!


Taron - I agree with you completely. I had that same impression when looking back through my own work. It seems that I don’t have any particular style. I can definately tell at a glance, though, which ones I spent more time on vs. others where I rushed to throw something out there. But I come away from looking at all of these with the overall thought - WOW! The folks at DSG ROCK! We have some amazing artists here, and the mentoring/sharing that goes on is so fantastic. I know that I have grown tremendously from being a part of this group. I tip my hat to ALL of you!

Vitriolic - Hey my friend, where have you been? Great collage of your fine work, too!

When I grow up (hee hee, I’m 48, wonder when that will happen) I want to be as great an artist as Goro, Taron333, Art2, Vitriolic, Enayla, J_Grieve, Friday_Eve, Gordon, Maidith, LouLu79, Roberto, ElMasFeo, and the list goes on and on!:applause:


Robin when I’m as old as you, I’d like to have your passion :love:


Man this thread is killer! Its great to have an overview of the year by all people participating. Its really awesome, and each collection should be up on some museum wall somewhere. The creativity is just oozing from all the pictures.

Taron: Although you may seen inconsistent and chaotic to yourself, you have a very recognizable style and way of working that is very much you. Your body of work is excellent and we (I at least) enjoy seeing your work. So keep on sketching the way you do. Rock on! Hehe.

Roberto: I think this one should be sticky-fied!


Robin - I’ve been lurking around, still getting my daily fix of DSG :smiley: Been down on motivation for the last few months; been meaning to do sketches but when I sit down I often can’t think what to draw! This thread is very inspiring though; I’ve missed you guys and will make a real effort to get back into it.

(edit) Definitely agree with Supervlieg - Taron, your style rocks!



hi goro! hehe… oh yes… :buttrock::slight_smile:




… … uur…

… I’m…



What a fantastic thread! You lot are ACE! Seeing all the work together is truly awe inspiring. Goro, Taron, Supervlieg, fridayeve, Vitrilolic, Enayla and all the rest of you - your work has inspired me so much and has motivated me to get drawing again after being away from my sketchbooks for the past few years. For that I thank you all!

Here’s my little lot anyway… I thought I hadn’t done that many but looking back I am quite surprised at how many I had actually done… 60 in all not including all the ones I never finished… 1/6th of the ones available but hey… Work always gets in the way of fun doesn’t it? Cheers!


Speechless as well.
How do you all do it?!


I’m actually rather embarrased to post this, because some of the sketches are just so crappy that it’s horrifying (to me anyways). The smaller thumbnails are the worser ones. I can definitely notice improvement, and that’s heartening. Great entries everyone, by the way!. It’s nice to see all of you’re pics in one spot!

Hey, Linda! What’s that’s pic on the bottom left corner of your collage? I don’t think I’ve seen that one.


Thanks Taron! :scream: I’m glad you see a consistency and progression (these are in the general alphabetical order of filename, so not chronological or anything). I do have to agree with Supervleig - you’re work has an atmosphere of its own – a VERY impressive one!


I just did a few sketches for the DSG but boy did it improve me… Especially the way i handled colors. I still sketch and i hope to return soon. Good job to all of you.

~ R


OMG… did I really make all this in just a year? :eek:
Surprising how much of it ended up in my portfolio…
Anyway, here they are:


Ill post a voting thread next week…

People post your pieces…



Here’s mine :slight_smile:



Fun to see all the work in one spot! I just got into DSG a bit last year, hopefully will be able to participate more in year 2


Only 28 from me, but I have been here since the first one so that makes one every two weeks. Now that’s just lazy!



Just browsing everyones work I can see Tarons point about the sum being greater than individual works, breathtaking!


Amazing everybody @_@
here is mine not in chronological order.