I really wish I could have joined earlier! I feel like such a poser.

MWarsame - When did you do all those little ant people?


Reviewing these posts is so much fun - I have been catching myself humming “thanks for the memories” - yikes!



Wow people, this is wonderful browsing indeed. Almost like a little museum or exhibition… just wanted to say happy birthday to the DSG and good job to anyone who entered.

I will try to post my entries soon. I’ve such a busy schedule, it’s hard to find the time to enter, but still I have about eight entries I believe :wink:


All is too much. Here is some:


:applause: WOW! There is some major talent in here!

I keep seeing the Audrey Hepburn pictures popping out of all of the collages. I loved that topic. Just pure beauty.

Wish I could post something, but I’m a lurker. I have no artistic talent, but love watching those who do! :slight_smile:


Me three! :smiley:


I started fairly late this year, but I have been averaging about one a week. I even found two (the ones in the lower right corner) that I never finished. Frankly it has just amazed me the quaility of the work that goes into these quick sketches.


Well I joined kinda late, so not that many sketches


Haha, I remembered when you posted that pic… your sister had a lot of admirers! :smiley:


Hiya guys and Gals,

It is so cool to see all these images in one thread…great work to everyone.:applause:

Here is my contribution, only 58 to date.
I will have to get back into the forum once my work dies down abit.


great collection of drawings in here , i think ure all very talented.


It has been a great year of practice. Work has been taking all my at home time… miss the DSG.


When I first read this I thought it was only for people who have received a SOTW award…and now I am even more confused. That said, I’ll just post this anyway:

I know, I know, it’s a mess


Thats a great collection youve got there Fridayeve, ive been waiting to see your review. Great work!


Only 20 images so far… I did learn that this would be much easier if I used a standard picture size!

Here is to another year!


I only have 22 of them, but I did join 25 (whitout counting avatar battles, then I’d have 27)
The missing ones are: “The owl are not what they seem” (the first one I joined), “Fundamentals 1: 2 point perspective: Haunted House” and “Zodiacs”


Haven’t done a sketch in a while - very cool to see everyones’ work all at once!


Wow! This just goes to show what amazing artists hang out here! And some of us show vast improvement from the first sketches to our more recent ones. I’ll have to prep my collage later from home. Seeing some of these numbers 119 for Supervleig, 154 for Soupy.

I’m counting 142 here - WOW! Any tips on how to reduce the size of this puppy but still fit all these sketches? I created a contact sheet, then added the background, when I saved for the web I used “jpeg -low” as my settings. I played around with image size, but they are hard enough to see as it is without shrinking the image.


There’s some awesome collages here! I’m almost too shy to post this…

But in other ways, I’m quite proud :slight_smile: Only 6 sketches so far, but many more one the way (any awards for least amount of sketches? The super rookie award? :D)…


hi, dear sketchgroup!!!
what a great idea!!! there’re so much nice collages, its incredible…
happy birthday DSF - let’s start into the next year…
(…i hope, i’ll be able to contribute a little bit more stuff…:))

best wishes