Brilliant thread :slight_smile:

Only 23 from me… must participate more!



There are only 18 here - im sure that there are more sorry for the crap layout but I was gettin frustrated with my power supply cutting out - it’s winter here and everyones electric heaters are overloading everything

Its fun to see everyones style/colour choices layed out infront of you!

Crazy3dman, Supervlieg, art2 - Very impressive:thumbsup:


Art2, Supervlieg, Thany, 3dman—:love:


It’s so nice to see all the sketches together. I wish every one who has participated so far will do it. Here are mine:


Waaaaaaaaaaaaah, coooool stufff! Keep 'm comming please!
This should be a sticky after everyone has posted his sketches… sort of an incentive for new recruits, heheh…

I have fond memories seeing some of these past sketches…


Yeah, its like a trip down memory lane. I remember what I was doing during each sketch. Almost like a dairy.

Lets keep em coming folks!


Does the sketch of the week gallery will be updated?
It will be easier to choose the sketch of the year if it will…


Ah, memories…


it may not be as good as you guys but i did really had some fun posting these. I hope i’ll get somewhere if i post more often.


Hey all,

not been here as many times as I wanted, but thought I’d post my ‘minor’ DS collection too.


19!! :eek: More than I thought (half of them from the last War :smiley: ) but a lot less than it should!
And sooo crappy!! :blush:


I’ll try to get a proper collage together soon, but until then here’s a link to my host:

I count 154 --> 177 - avatars & other stray images = 154

Thanks Roberto and CGTalk for giving me a place to post them all during the last year. :applause:


count me too, next year :wip: :arteest:

heres what I did:

more in here
and here


Here’s mine so far, hopefully with college out of the way for summer I’ll be able to join in more regularly soon.


grr now I must delve into the depths of my external harddrive and dusty cds to find all of the earlier works… lol the early early ones are not pretty… This should be fun thought… back memory lane.


Wow, some great stuff here. I’d forgotten how good some of the entries had been.

Here are 13 of mine that I found on my HD. I think I’ve done about 20 but here are some of them !!


25 pictures recovered! :bounce:

I think ive done 30, but after the invention of my webpage ive been able to keep track on them. So my early few have been destroyed. So my oldest artwork prior website is knights of the round table :slight_smile:

Man some of you guys are active beyond belief! Great thread. Its pretty fun to see thread like this. Hey dont have any sketch of the week piece to show, but there is always next “DailySketch Year” :thumbsup:


Ilikesoup - I went to your site and noticed a grad picture titled PHD - Is that you and your family?

Oh poppycock! your images are great. Now mind you there are those ‘inspirational way off the scale terrific’ DSG contributers that leave the rest of us in the dust but…



Yup. My sister is in the cap & gown. The other is my wife.


WOW that was fast - so your sis is a PHD? cool

I am looking forward to seeing your year in review page!