In about a week I will start collecting votes for two annual awards :

And the MOST ENTRIES in one year

[li]THE SKETCH OF THE YEAR- If you are one WON a SKETCH OF THE WEEK post here (and please overlay the award cup on your entry:[/li][/ul]
[li]MOST ENTRIES in one year- Post ONE IMAGE with mini versions of ALL your images. Please make it 800x600.[/li][li]THE DSG MASTER FOR 2005- Vote for the artists that has kicked more A#$ in the past year in a consistent basis.[/li][/ul]If you have any more ideas for the awards, or any questions, please post it here also. For example, do you guys want a MOST IMPROVED AWARD?



It’s not a lot - only been loitering about for 6-8 weeks.


64 in all - I’m sure it’s not the most, but it was fun to put them all together and see them all at once.

Looking forward to another year of the DSG


wonderful idea. heres mine. not more but i want join.:buttrock:


These are my SOTW entries. 3! Whoohoo!

It’s been a good year. Let’s see some more people!



and they are ordered by date! (more or less)
very interesting thread, I hope I can find time to join the fun more often soon…and I want to see that sketch of the year!!!

supervlieg, I didnt know you had 3 pics with pink monkeys! hehe…I just knew one of the pics…(we need more monkeys’ topics again, hehehe…)

:slight_smile: edit: The image links to a web page with all of them at full size, if anyone’s interested…


ARGH, sorry, not posting pics , I just HAD to say this:

Supervlieg, the number and quality of pics u just posted is staggering, Bravo![i]



Thanks Squibbit! Now get photoshopping with you entries!

Nice one Elmasfeo! And yes, we always need more monkeys!


I don’t know how many I’ve done:shrug:… these were still on my HD… my last sketch was numbered 90 …

hope you don’t mind… here’s the second batch…


my humble attempts clock in around 90 sketches, I might have missed a few, damn that’s only 1 sketch every 4.05 days I must re-double my efforts! :argh:

1 year in & so much lovely stuff posted here & friendly support from everyone!

One day I’ll get better I swear it.



Wow, amazing quantity & quality everyone!

Here are mine…41…it seemed like I did more but I guess not!:sad: I have yet to win a sketch of the week…maybe next year will be my lucky year?!


this is so fun, to see them all again…
hope this thread gets big…

well, all of mine since I joined in January about 80 of them…


26 entries…


About 75 - Its been a great year. Lots Of drawing, and lots of new friends!
:bounce: :beer:



Haha, me too :smiley:


I haven’t been here that long, so I only have 36 sketches. I did win two SOTW awards and I’m thankful for the votes, but I don’t think they belong anywhere near sketch of the year. I’ve been happy with the amount of practice I’ve been getting by joining the DSG and I hope to stick around and get better. I miss doing matte paintings though; that’s how I was introduced to the DSG. My first contribution to the DSG was the shipwreck matte.


Holy cow! This thread is a GREAT idea !
Crazy3dman, Art2 ,Supervileg: you guys have style!


Totaly rockin’ idea!!
Now we can all see some overall style :bounce:
My favourits so far:

Major thread!!


Xillion, Michael, thanks guys! :beer:
I like to see more!

Now I know we’re all waiting for compilations by FridayEve, AndrewLey, MattDixon, Enayla, Goro… show us your progress :smiley:


One SOTW and 33 drawings (no, I didn’t count the 6 at bottom right which my kids did :smiley: ). I’m going to try and break that record for the next year … just to show some measure of improvement. :smiley:

Really great seeing some of these again even if they are thumbnails. I had to go back and find the original threads on a few just to see if I could find the larger version again.

Here’s my yearbook page …

Happy Birthday Daily Sketch Forum!! :beer: :buttrock: