annoying and unexplained bug


hi all !

i had a win7 pretty old installation (15month), hard to boot, a bit buggy inside, seriously heavy.
i made a nice and clean format, then reinstalled it new.
since, i’ve experienced a seriously annoying problem.
every 20min0sec of no mouse activity on the left (primary) screen, it goes black, and shut the sound.
if it was a movie or music, it pauses it. but, it the aplication is runing on the right screen, it still goes, execpt there’s no sound output.

i tried off my ram, updates and downdated all of my drivers. nothing. that weird thing continues.
of course, it stops my renders too.
and no, its not the screensaver or the power management.

my bios is same as before. i rarely touch stuff in there. i’d like to think of a hardware bug, but how comes that its every 20min on the stopwatch ?
i reviewed every win component i thought of, nothing indicates me 20 min.

i reformated it again then reinstalled it again. i even took someone else’s dvd to install it in case mine was scratched for some reason. exactly same thing.

anyone can help ?

if any help, thats an i7 950 bloomfield, on an asus p6x58 premium motherboard, and a geforce 460. and 3x2gb ram kingston.


honestly, from here its’ really hard to say… but for me, when i see sh!t like that start happening… its’ usually some kind of hardware failure. Hard disk going bad, or video… inadequate or just poorly performing PSU.

first try getting a low level formatting program to scrub the drive… western digital and seagate have tools to check the disk integrity and do low level formats. if anything at all pops up using their tools, you know the deal there.

for the PSU… you’ll have to phone a friend or be a millionaire and buy one/replace and test it out.


If its every 20 minutes to the dot, it absolutely must be one of the power management settings. If not an official windows feature, have you gone through and installed the manufacturers driver suites? for example if you install the asus motherboard tools and drivers, they add a second useless power saving mode that can kick in after 20 mins.

the nvidia or ati driver may also contain a power management feature. If youve additionally installed their relative hdmi audio drivers, they may kick in and mute your audio.


i owe you a drink, mate.


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