ANNOUNCING: MR_hairSystem and MR_pfxBrush Shaders


ANNOUNCING MR_hairSystem and MR_pfxBrush Shaders for mental ray for Maya

  • MR_hairSystem package
    FULL support of Hair Systems on mental ray
    Geometry, Materials and Textures Shaders

  • MR_pfxBrush package
    FULL support of Paint FXs Brushes on mental ray
    Geometry, Materials and Textures Shaders




Martin Leguizamon
PROVIDE3D Developments -


good news :smiley:


Wow Martin very nice!!!

I’d love to beta test. Two questions though:

  1. The shading network for the Paint Effects tree looks slightly complicated, does it take a fair amount of work to setup a good shader for each brush?

  2. Does it really render most brushes? Like what about bubbles or some of the crazier non-tree-like brushes?

But great work!


And we’ll need to be seeing these in motion as well.

The ultimate test!



Yes. ANY pfxBrush is supported. airbrush, animal, cityMesh, clouds, electrical,
feathers, fibers, galactic, hair, liquid, fun, grasses, flowers, trees and so on…

See the following example. A single ‘MR_geo_pfxBrush’ geometry shader is
capable of supporting multiple pfxBrushes, and a single ‘MR_cpv_pfxBrush’
color per vertex shader is capable of extracting vertex colors from the
pfxBrushes in order to shade the geometry by using a single surface shader
connected to it:



you are my new heroes…i can’t wait to test these shaders out since I have been doing composites for months now of paintfx hair and MR renders


It bugs me that 3rd party developers are having to solve problems Alias should have solved a long time ago. There’s no reason these things shouldn’t already be native to Maya. :rolleyes:

Nice work.


Wow - you just made a lot of people really happy. Nice work - will you be selling these eventually? Or freeware?




Ooh, I wanna try these. :slight_smile:


Fantastic Martin!!! I can call you that right? hehe.

I have to say CIM is quite right. Alias got us half-way there initially with the ‘Paint Effects to Polys’ feature, but how come it took Provide3D to get us the rest of the way?? People would have been so happy (including me) if what Provide3D has created were already a part of Maya 6.

Maybe Alias are actually working on it right now? For Maya 6.5? I mean, the whole Mac conversion thing was probably taking up a lot of their time. Plus Maya Hair etc.



YEAHH, very nice!

-does the pfx-strokes are converted to a equivalent mr_primitive for rendering?
-how much faster is the performance compared to “pfx-to-polygons”, rendered with gi & fg?
-is there a additional performance boost beacause of instancing??
-what will it cost?




it boggles the mind though, that alias haven’t made this a priority…


Yes i also would like to make the same questions…

Waiting your response PROVIDE3D :bounce:


then be happy that u dont use Lightwave or Max…the number of plugins for those programs should embarass the developers.

Maya is a very BIG app…its not easy to please everyone…


well atleast they don’t need a plugin to “bevel”…thank goodness for the maya community.

Thank you provide3d!!!


No mention of OS X? Do you have access to a Mac to do compile for OS X? If not - where are you located. We’ll find a Mac user near by for you. :smiley:


this is great, will allow users to use maya hair tools, and apply paintfx hair to the curves. :thumbsup:


Thought the same Q many times the last year (BPT, Bevel, …)
But i think, their R+D have been busy with the OSX-Unlimited - recompilement. I really think, they passed the hill now, seeing the acquisition of Kaydara.

My opinion: Also a clever way to “export” the character animation R+D :slight_smile:


Any chance i could beta test it?


…where is it ? :shrug: