Announcing Cinema 4D Release 19


Hey Everyone!
MAXON has announced Cinema 4D Release 19, and you can learn all about it at and Cineversity!


Learn more at


just found this

#3 slammed at the moment. Won’t load. I guess a few people out there are pretty interested. :slight_smile:
Look forward to checking out the official feature videos etc.


There are no new tools to UV ! :frowning:


GPU render on Mac AMD (only). Tell me I got that wrong.


You got it wrong… works with AMD & NVIDIA Cards.


Oh my thank you. Need to fix my reading skills.

(talk about an oops) :blush:

It’s because I read this on the c4dcafe:
ProRender, a new GPU-Based Render Engine


There’s been a few enhancements to the UV workflow - the Coordinate Manager supports UVs now and you can convert between point, polygon and UV selections, plus some better selection tools. We’ll be detailing these on Cineversity with a separate quicktip video (probably next week).


And a short overview from me as well


That is correct. Macs with Nvidia GPUs can use an experimental CPU mode


Was able to finally load one section of teh R19 pages on MAXON (Viewport)… ProRender does look pretty nice so far. LOD Object is interesting also. I’ll be enjoying the rest of the videos at lunch break hopefully.

Trying to keep mind open to overall application updating not just “what I want.” Will be interesting to see people’s reactions to the modeling and media core. I do like what I see so far with the media core. I can remember some instances where trying to deal with media inside C4D was a PITA. Hopefully less so now. As expected I see more refinement across a broad spectrum of work areas here more than big changes in multiple areas — and that’s OK.

As predicted, based on the SIGGRAPH demos there is some new VR stuff in there — I figured that was one of the unmentioned features going back a few days. All right everyone. Have fun debating the next few hours. Be good to each other. :wink:


So my cheese grater with 980ti isn’t going to work properly with prorender?

Why are maxon emphasising that ProRender is GPU rendering for EVERYBODY? It clearly isn’t.

#13 may be slammed, but you can watch all ourCineversity videos showing What’s New in R19!


I was pretty dubious before the announcement, but I think there’s enough good stuff her to warrant another year’s MSA (with an eye on R20). The OpenGL viewport is mightily impressive and should help in scene/lighting/material creation in the same way that a realtime renderer can. I don’t think ProRender will be replacing my install of Octane any time soon, but as it becomes better integrated and more powerful, I can see it happening at some point in the future (I’d love to think we might get one or two updates during the R19 cycle).

Some of the improvements to Voronoi Fracturea re simply Nitroman’s NitroMoFracture plugin integrated with some new tools added on top. Still, its a worthy addition (and that’s another plugin I can get rid of). Throw in all the other bits and pieces and overall, it feels like an okay release and it certainly makes me very excited about next year’s reveal!


I’m pretty sure Pro Render also works with Nvidia cards using OpenCL. I just don’t think Maxon has mentioned it because they’re not officially supported by Apple.


That’s a relief!

Mind you I think with the improvements to the viewport I may well stick with Physical, Team Render and a small network of macs. Look dev is going to work quite well with all these sweet enhancements.


Looks pretty rad, nice to have GPU rendering native in c4d!


besides the vp enhancements i’m most excited about the weighting improvements (especially the mirroring) and psds… been waiting for this :slight_smile:


Hmm a bit underwhelmed myself as a non native renderer Im probably not going to see the viewport enhancements and also no need for pro render. No mention of actual viewport redraw enhancement just making it look nice with c4d mats. A lot of mention of the future but still nibbling round the edges really.

Random offset in variation shader UV is probably the best thing for me. But I wish they could have stretched to some triplanar mapping, Its everywhere else and I wouldnt have thought it was that hard to implement compared to some of the other stuff.


Voronoi fracture glue is what I was waiting for. That, and GPU rendering.