Announcing Cinema 4D R20


Check out all the sweet new features in Cinema 4D R20! Visit or to learn more.


Yay!, new things!



Some nice features in there. Thanks for the overview video. Still wrapping my head around it all.

I was wondering how r20 will work with legacy files?
Primarily mograph scenes (falloff vs fields), and materials


MoGraph scenes import with a legacy falloff mode, and there’s a button to convert the falloff to a field.

Materials still work like usual - the standard material is still available.


Perfect. Thanks Rick.


Does Xpresso in general benefit from the new node interface?


The new material node editor is the first, and in R20 the only, thing that makes use of the new node system


Looks great, especially the nodal materials and VDB. Congrats to everyone @ Maxon!

But was surprised that rendering vdbs is not in there (not even in the pro-versions). Realy wished I could render volumetric medical data in there (we have ways of generating vdb from medical images…)

Now begins the second waiting… the one for the Table of Doom (the one that tells me which cool things I wont have in Prime )


Any details on UV tools?.. Didn’t find much… Only UV preservation with modifiers and better unwrap for spheres…
Well not the best release for my usual work (but I still will get it with MSA) so I really-really hope next one release at least will make some small step into gamedev field.


Some more insights.
Our Design Film chroma
and three video tutorials covering Fields and Volumes


Depends what you’re looking to do. There’s nothing to stop you from bringing in scanned data and meshing it. Some internal tests have taken cat scan data, then generated various cross-sections through.


Yeah, I hoped for volume rendering. Meshing I can do before transfering data to cinema.


Another big question:

Any significant improvements in handling large numbers of objects / object manager / UI speed?



Take a closer look at Multiinstances for a significant speedup with huge object numbers.


Great for Mograph…
But my CAD data doesn’t have 1,000,000 identical cubes in it - more like 100,000 different polygon objects.

Should I take that as a NO, then?


No, but the new CAD importers for STEP, Solidworks, IGES, Catia and JT files include really extensive options for simplifying the CAD data and combining various objects, as well as adjusting tessellation for each object based on its relative scale.


Noted. I am glad to see some love for those of us doing visualisation work and handling this sort of data!


And it’s automatically creating render instances for instanced object which is a relieve for all those screws you get in your CAD machinery.


Looking good, what happened to all the development on Bodypaint?