Muddbox 2009 is out

congrats Dave


Joe Alter hooked us with license…for shave and haircut…

(we need to plug shave)

contact Daniel for your copy…


For anyone looking to shoot your clay maquettes…I highly recommend
tabletopstudio…who have several packages

this is the lighting set up I will be dragging to the Museums

All of the light sets use high-output daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs, ideally suited for digital photography. The daylight color eliminates the need for color correction. They also have very low heat so they don’t get hot like the more common photo bulb choices. Long bulb-life means these bulbs will last for years. Daylight balanced CFL Bulbs are included with all of our Tabletop Studio Light Sets.


“You have to have fun, otherwise you realize its alot of hard work”

                               -Ridley Scott


:lightbulb so very true!


The museum has granted us permission to lizard, fish, and amphibious collections only.

Because we are going for a creature skin…it cant have recognizable scales patterns…eels, squid, Bizarre Deepsea fish would be good.

More rare deep sea fishes are also very viable canadates (Deep sea lizard fish, Anglar fish, Astronesthes, vent worms, vent schrimp)
Weird fishes are also good choices like the Viperfish (Chauliodus), “blob” fish, ““teeth” fish (sea wolf), “lump” fish, “Rattails, longnose chimera, flashlight fish

anyway check some of this shit out…its pretty crazy…monsters from the abyss…



Photoshoot scheduled for

Thurs Dec4 (tech and test shoot)

Friday Dec 5 Museum of Natural history

Staurday Dec 6th (Strange Asian fruit and octapus and
a live female model that will be half naked)

We have a very good make up person as well…

(I think Ive spoken to everyone privately and gotten all your look dev sheets)

SHoot is coming…Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!

Thank you again for your patience and hardwork


Model Prep and Zbrush

please checkout the section with offset UVs


I know I dont have to tell you this stuff…(just being thorough) ROLFDont forget your Cleanup Scripts

[li] general cleanup of a model file [/li]
[li]Remove intermediate shape nodes from scene[/li]
[li]Conform shape names to transform names[/li]
[li]Delete underworld modeling history nodes[/li]
[li]Check for unique names in scene[/li]
[li]Remove animation from geometry nodes[/li]
[li]Assign all geometry to the defaultLambert shader and delete unused shaders and texture file nodes[/li]
[li]Delete unneeded uiConfiguration node[/li]
[li]Zero out transforms of geometry and parent nodes.[/li]

Recommended model delivery

[li]Edges on polygon meshes should be soft edges.[/li]
[li]All geometry pivot points should be at world zero (0, 0 ,0)[/li]
[li]All animation should be removed from the scene.[/li]
[li]Geometry should be free from all history (including loopSplit history, which delete history doesn’t remove)[/li]
[li]Geometry should have all transforms zeroed out.[/li]
[li]Symmetrical models should have centerline of the model fall on the zero X axis, unless the model is asymmetrical.[/li]
[li]The feet of a character should be placed on the zero Y axis, unless there are special circumstances.[/li]
[li]All geometry nodes should only have one shape node and no intermediate shape nodes.[/li]
[li]All geometry should be checked using Maya’s cleanup function to check for erroneous geometry.[/li]
[li]Modeling -> polygons -> cleanup[/li]


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