Annouce : Deex Shaders Pack : MentalRay shader "re-writed" for pass.


Hi all!

I am sorry, I’m no longer use MR… I think Damien no more… (Vray).

I will personally not compile this shaders except if I need them one day (but as Damien, I will maybe focus on Vray and avoid MR).

Once again, the repository is open source there:

You can get it, compile it and give it to community. We’ve tried to provide a easy to compile code.

Good luck guys! :slight_smile:


I really wish I could. But its like saying, start speaking Japanese tomorrow…aint happening. Wouldnt even know where to start.
Thanks though


Today i take some time to compile all shaders for Maya 2012 win64 (i got too much email for this…).
Just download the new archive on my website.
As Narann said, it was very easy.Narann did a great work to facilitate the compilation, it took me 30 min.

I’m surprised that nobody has done before (the repository is open source and very clean (thanks again Narann)).
Looks like open source is dead…


You my friend are awesome! Thank you so very much! :bowdown:


Grate news, thanks a lot, Damien!

It would be awesome, if you can describe how to compile shaders and what additional tools we need for this. Since bunch of people need recompilling shaders, but nowbody did it, its not so easy task!


I second that!


It rather looks like nobody who can’t compile a shader is using Maya and/or MRfM anymore.


There are a lot of tutorial on how to compile shader in mental ray using C++
Do some search in the area, and mentalimages forum
you need Theses:
The compiler(like c++, etc…)
The devkit (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2013\mentalray\devkit\lib)
The c++ file
The mi file


Actualy, searching mi forum clarify, that everything is not so easy, as Damien sad:)


Maybe I should write this in the read me.

So for Win7 x64:

Install Visual C++ 2008 Express:
Install Windows SDK:
Download this and apply .bat as admin:

Open Visual C++ 2008 Express, open project. Open:

deex-shaders-pack / projects / msvc9 / deex-shaders-pack.vcproj

Select a maya version, compile.

Go to release folder and get you dll. :slight_smile:


Here we go! Thanks, thats perfect.


We have a “nice” bug with shadows and transparency in MentalRay for Maya 2012.
My shaders use the shader “mip_rayswitch_advanced”.
I tried to use this shader with a “normal” mia_material_x.
Here the result :

This bug is in :

  • Maya 2012 hotfix 1
  • Maya 2012 hotfix 2
  • Maya 2012 hotfix 3
  • Maya 2012 hotfix 4
  • Maya 2012 sp1
  • Maya 2012 sp2
    not in 2011/2010.

I think we can say thanks to Autodesk and MentalRay.
Shaders are broken, DeeX shaders are broken.
Always the same problem with Maya and MentalRay, always…



I should take a look to compilation diff between 2011 and 2012 to see if I’ve made a mistake.

I know there is some mental image “recommendations” about what function to use and what to do not and how to use them but I’d never spend time on it. :frowning:


My test is with a mia_material_x, not with deex shaders. :wink:
If it is broken with a mia_material_x, obviously, it will be broken with deex shaders…


Try to recreate this bug, no luck. Can you post scene or mel?

Everybody wait for miracle since Master Zap inside…


Create this network :

And add a refraction to your mia_material_x, with a transparency to 0.85 for example.
(do not forget to connect your “mip_rayswitch_advanced” to the shadow shader of your shading group, like the image).


Yes with transparency, same result. No surprise.


Yep, so, we can do nothing.
I am tired from MentalRay.


Mentalray seems to be very nice render, but maya implementation is awful.
Guys like you make awesome job. May be Alias make usefull changes so slowly cos thay are huge… how else can you explain, that Mercutio alone did job muuuch better than whole Alias team.
Thanks again for sharing youru stuff, its amazing!


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