Annouce : Deex Shaders Pack : MentalRay shader "re-writed" for pass.


Hey all,

                   [b]Deex Shaders Pack[/b][b] V2[/b]
                   [left]Deex shaders Pack is a collection of shaders with buffers output pass in “one” click for MentalRay.[/left]
                   [left]You can output all pass quickly like : diffuse, specular, reflection


                   [left]This pack is based on the [p_shaders]( from Ledin Pavel aka Puppet. Thank you Pavel.
      Thank to [FEVRIER  Dorian]( for the help for the compilation of the version 2.
                   [b][u]In this shaders pack :[/u][/b]
                  [left][u][b]Shaders :[/b][/u][/left]
                   [left][b]- deeX_Buffer_writter :
                   [left]It is a simple constant/surface shader to build your custom pass if you want ![/left]
                   [left][b]- deeX_mi_car_paint :[/b][/left]
                                   [left]Like mi_car_paint_phen with outputs.[/left]
                   [left]You can upgrade your shader to mi_car_paint_phen_x in one click.[/left]
                   [left][b]- deeX_mi_metallic_paint :[/b][/left]
                                 [left]Like mi_metallic_paint with outputs.[/left]
                   [left]You can upgrade your shader to mi_metallic_paint_x in one click.[/left]
                   [left][b]- deeX_mia_material :[/b][/left]
                   [left]Like mia_material_x with outputs.[/left]
                   [left]You can upgrade your shader to mia_material_x in one click.[/left]
                   [left][b]- deeX_misss_fast_shader :[/b][/left]
                   [left]Like misss_fast_shader with outputs.[/left]
                   [left]You can upgrade your shader to misss_fast_shader_x in one click.[/left]
                   [left]Be careful : do not forget to create/connect your lightmap network ![/left]
                   [left][b]- deeX_Buffers_pass :[/b][/left]
    [left]It is the shader for output your pass.  Create a “dummy” geometry (like a polygon cube), connect this shader in  the transform of your cube —-> mentalray —-> geometry shader.[/left]
     [b][u][b]Version 2 :[/b][/u][/b]
      [left]- code optimized with the new code of  p_shaders from Pavel[/left]
      [left]- you can save in deex_exr_saver with many  compression and nice name in the exr.[/left]
   [left][left] [left]-  you can choose virtual buffers.
      - you can gamma correct all shaders  in one click for linear workflow.
     - you can check outputs in one  click.
     - add 10 extras buffers for all  shaders to create mask or other.
    - you can check extras buffers in  one click :
   Image of the v2[here](
          Here a test with my deex Shader pack and the classroom.
          Workflow :
          - linear
          - skyportal
          - color bleeding
          - exr multichannel (mi) with my shaders
          All pass from my shader :
                   [b][u]Download :[/u][/b]
           [left]11/04/2010 : actually, this shaders pack is  compiled for[/left]
    [left]- win64 Maya 2009/2010/2011/2012[/left]
    [left]- win32 Maya 2009/2010/2011
  • linux64 Maya 2009/2010/2011

Here all sources of deex shaders :
If someone can compil shaders for Linux, Osx, all maya version, etc etc…now you can.
For help for linux and osx version, you can see the make file of p_shaders.

Obviously, if someone compil shaders for other platform, share with everyone…

WARNING : if you use version 2.00 on a old scene and you want the 2.01, use this file :
The 2.01 update is for news scenes.

   [left]             Download here : [](
             Thank to all community of Cgtalk.


I guess i’ll be the first to throw out the obligatory “osx version for 2009/2010 please” post. :slight_smile:

These shaders look awesome! Thanks for all of your effort.


Oh yes, but i haven’t a osx…
So, i search people want to compil shader for osx, linux, and win32. :buttrock:


Yer it’d be great if someone was able to compile a version for win 32, these shaders look like they’ll be useful.

Cheers mate


:applause: :applause: :applause:

Amazing! Unfortunately I’ve only currently have Maya 2009 x32 and Maya 2010 x64 and Maya 2010 OSX (there has to be someone would could help compile for Mac, I’ll be using macs in production). Think I’ll probably try it on 2010 x64 anyways and see if the current compile works.

Deex, think you could explain the modified SSS shader? I think I have an idea why you made these changes (if it is what I think, Awesome!!), but it would be nice to see an example or get an explanation.


The SSS shader is like the misss_fast_shader. It is the same ! :thumbsup:


Update v1.01 :

  • Compiled for Maya 2010 win64 :thumbsup:
  • deex_mia_material work with photon now :buttrock:


Wow…that looks seriously bad ass. I’ve followed the old thread on these shaders for a while but haven’t actually attempted to implement them. I’m definitely going to have to do that now. The ability to output ALL of the various passes from mia_material_x is just awesome…including the ‘level’ pass for reflection, refraction, etc. I was always really annoyed that I was unable to do that with the default maya/MR framebuffer output. Made NO sense to me that they would not include that.

Thanks much! :slight_smile:


Got it to work, but I’m definitely having a few issues with the SSS shader. I’ll try to tell you what those are either later today or tomorrow when I have the time.

But to start, the specular and diffuse material inputs do nothing as far as I can tell.


It is right, it is a bug.
I will see.


Update v1.02 :

  • deeX_misss_fast_shader specular and diffuse fixed (just replace the deeX_phenomena.mi file) :thumbsup:

Thank crispy4004.
If anyone find another bug, please say me.


really nice :applause:I’ll test it tomorrow, and I’ll give u some feed back. anyway maybe I can compile the shader for Maya2010 32bit if you send me the source code!


To convert all mia_material(_x or normal or _x_passes) to deex_mia_material :

string $malistes2[] = `ls -type "mia_material" -type "mia_material_x" -type "mia_material_x_passes" `;
   string $montruc;
   for ($montruc in $malistes2 )
   AEdoMiShaderConversion $montruc deeX_mia_material _deex;

Work with other shaders (replace mia_material by that you want like mi_metallic_paint in the script to convert mi_metallic_paint to deeX_mi_metallic_paint).

Rachid i will send you source soon.



:buttrock: This keeps getting better and better!

SSS is working much better now. Have a few more bugs to report:

(Misss on left, Mia Matterial on right)

  1. Diffuse_level outputs of Mia Material are black. Should be the Texture.
  2. Misss Diffuse_Raw and Diffuse_Level should be swapped.
  3. Misss Diffuse_Raw should look identical to the Mia Diffuse_Raw. (see edit below)
  4. More of a request, but would it be possible to add a “Reflection shader” input and output to the MiSSS like with the “specular shader”?

Edit: Just noticed the Diffuse_Raw doesn’t have any diffuse shading to it. No wonder. Attaching a Mia Material with no reflectivity to the Diffuse shader fixes that.

… but then both the “Raw” and “Level” show up in the Raw Pass. Is there are way you could make the attached Mia Material’s Diffuse_Raw/Level override the Misss Diffuse_Raw/Level?

     Update v1.03 :
- fixed raw and level pass for SSS shader and mia.

crispy4004, say me if is good for you for the SSS and mia . :buttrock:

To add reflection on the SSS, i will see.


Almost. The Mia Material is working now (on the right):

But as you can see, the SSS shader is still having trouble correctly interpreting the Mia_Material_X_Passes I plug into the diffuse shader slot. It needs to somehow take the Diffuse_Raw and Diffuse_level outputs from the “Diffuse Shader” (a mia_material) and use those instead of the passes generated by the shader. Until then you’ll always get an incorrect RAW, and a solid gray Level.

I would use the “diffuse color” but it gives bad results. It shows up in the SSS layers and does not have any diffuse shading to show up in the RAW pass, both things we do not want.


Really impressive!:bowdown:

Is it possible to have source codes in the pack? Pavel had given me it long ago but I’ve lost in one of my many HHD… :sad:

And to be honnest I’m very interested by “how you do that”. (Because I’ve always try but never success).


Hi Damien
Your shader look great, but there is a little conflict!
What about if I want to output just a refl_result in Mia_material and leave the refl_result for Mi_car_paint_phen or Mi-metalic_paint?
what I’m saying is if you check any pass in one of them automatically the others are activated, and if you uncheck them the rest are deactivated too!
Hope you can correct that!

  crispy4004, do you download the update (v1.03) ?
  For me it is working, look :
  SSS in the left, mia in the right :
  Diffuse level :
  Diffuse raw :
 Edit : oh, i see. When you plug a mia in the diffuse shader of a misss ?
 Ok, but the question is : there is the same problem without my shader, just with the misss_fast_shader_x ? (just plug the diffuse raw in a surface shader to see the pass)

Edit2 : i tested. I doesn't working with a normal misss_fast_shader_x. It is a MentalRay/autodesk bug. I will search to fixe it if i can. :hmm:
  It is not a conflict, it is normal.
  If you want a reflection pass, the deeX_Buffers_pass give you the reflection pass of all shader (to have one image for the pass).
  But now, if you want just reflection of a mia_material, just uncheck the reflection pass of a 
  Mi_car_paint_phen or Mi-metalic_paint material (take the last version 1.03). You will have just reflection of a mia_material.
  Now, if you want separate reflection of a mia and a car_paint, just use maskID.

But be careful, take the last version (v1.03).

I will give source just after correct little bugs to not compil every time the shader. Just wait a few days that people test and give the little bug.


That’s what I’m talking about, if I do that I get the reflection also unchecked from the mia_material and this happen with the last version!