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List of tutorials:

  • Design a doll dress game (like the ones on your website)

Talk us through the process of design. Explain what decisions you made for your design/ the type of clothes and accessoires you chose.

Topic or theme for the doll game needs to be found!
Eventually the character could have a lot of different types of clothes to dress her with.



I have been working on my base doll. I am thinking about a fantasy warrior type dress up. This theme has potential for some interesting hair concepts, as well as weapons and armor.

I added a sample hairstyle to see how it works with the flow of the pose . For this game, the hairstyle as well as color will be a customizable option (which is why I’m keeping it greyscale for now). My next post will be thumbnails of overall shapes for costumes and hair.


Hey Annie, I am very happy to see these first shots! The pose is looking great, the hair works good, too. Not to stiff, and gives it a twist of the very much liked and good selling asian style artworks we can see at shops everywhere around recently.

I am coriously waiting for the screencabs of the designs you have prepared so far. The sooner you show them, the sooner I can give you input or help you shall you be stuck with anything.

  • Anne :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

I have been working on the overall style of the game, and have included some quick outfit roughs. I am thinking of having these components which can be changed, which would make about 60+ changeable assets. I think it would also be fun to include different backgrounds as well, if time permits.

-skin color
-hair color and style
-eye color
-breast plate

I have also included the updates to the base head. I felt like she looked too doll-like, and needed a little more intensity.



WOW Annie,
She looks stunningly beautiful,
can’t wait to see the final result it look very promising :smiley:


Thank you so so much, Alessia! Coming from such an amazing artist, that’s a huuuge compliment!


Looking very nice so far and absolutely fitting for a fictional adventure/ MMORPG video game.

Just one thing that I am thinking about that we will have to watch out to not make the overall color palette too pale. But I guess you have already planned adding some more colored versions anyways. :slight_smile:

Let’s see if we can actually manage to have everyone design an outfit for the doll game in the end, that could actually be a great add on, don’t you think? I am just not sure if it fits into timeline, so let’s keep this idea until the others (including me) are (mostly) finished with their tutorials.


Thank you, Anne!

I agree about the color vibrancy. The color palette is the hardest thing, since all of the outfit components have to work well with each other. I’m still in the process of developing a good theme for that, but will have some more updates soon :slight_smile:



I have been working on colors and refining the look of what the armor will look like in more detail. I still need to work on a belt/upper thigh piece, weapon, and then a headpiece for this outfit.


Looking good! :slight_smile:

You could have something like 5 overall moods/ palettes in total:
Silver, gold, red (like you have now) green, and blue. Orange is also an option.

This is just an idea, cause different color mashups give room to discuss about different characteristic and eventually to the characters connected themes like spring, summer, winter or fire, water, etc…


The Character’s coming out beautifully, and i like Anne idea very much!
indeed i found this site which may help you in choosing the colors for the others, it’s very interesting:



I have reworked the doll’s body design a little more. After finding a good color scheme (thanks Anne and Alessia!) I was able to really start working on the individual pieces. I have attached some corset and shoulder armor samples, along with the color scheme I am using. I have finished all leg armor as well, but after doing the corsets, I think I want to rework the design further to get a consistent overall look. Since each piece has to work with all of the other pieces, I seem to have to go back and forth like this a lot to get a consistent overall style. Programming the game only takes a few hours, so the main bulk of what I have left is compiling my screenshots and wip images into a cohesive text.

So what I have left:
-finish hairstyles
-rework some of the leg armor
-complete weapons
-program pieces
-compile notes and screenshots into the tutorial

I am going to try to post again this weekend. Probably with the completion of the leg armor or hairstyles.



Hey Annie, that sounds and looks good! I am very pleased on how the characters are coming together. :slight_smile:

And for the writing, don’t hesitate to ask us should you be stuck, need input or help. :bounce:


My compliments too, they all looks stunning :smiley:
and of course i’ll be here too if you need anything :slight_smile:


I have attached some samples of my progress over the last week, which gives a better example of what an overall character could look like. All leg/boot pieces have been reworked in this revision. As I complete the weapons, there is a chance I am going to revisit the hairstyles one last time to make them more interesting. Over the next few days I will be adding headpieces and makeup/tattoo options.

Now, as far as the tutorial goes, when I approach the last half, will I be covering the programming aspects, or just mainly focus on the design of each piece and how to get them to work together in a game-like senerio?

Anyway, I appreciate any suggestions or critiques as I approach the last phase of design!


Hey Annie, the girls look really adorable, I can’t wait to see the finished game!

And to answer your question:

“Now, as far as the tutorial goes, when I approach the last half, will I be covering the programming aspects, or just mainly focus on the design of each piece and how to get them to work together in a game-like senerio?”

I like the idea of getting a little insight into the programming, but it’s probably better to focus on the design aspect. Perhaps you could only write a small paragraph about the programming which tells what is most interesting about programming a dress up game?


Here is the completed girl. I designed many different outfits, but will only be taking the reader through the completed process of the ones shown here. I still talk about the design of the other pieces, show their rough stages, and at the end of the tutorial will depict a multitude of different options. I will be uploading the tutorial tomorrow. I attached an example of the layout for the first stage of development of each piece. It shows the 4 steps used to make the corset armor piece. I am using the same sizes for the images as Alessia used for hers (thank you soo much for making such a wonderful tutorial! It has really helped me with mine!!!) I will show the rough sketch, but only detail the largest one.

I will also upload the some pieces for my gallery images… I’m having difficulty choosing so any input will be greatly appreciated!

Lastly, is it possible for me to give the answers for the interview questions in the next few days, instead of tomorrow?



Hey guys! I have finally completed the tutorial. Here is the link: I have also attached my final four sample designs made from the clothing discussed in the tutorial :slight_smile:


Very, VERY nice. I am excited to see your tutorial in testlayout!

You still have some time to answer the interview questions, don’t worry! :beer: