ANNECY 2006's Short films from Gobelins


Wow. Pyrats reminded me why I wanted to be an animator.


Burning Safari was hilarious! Fantastic work! Pyrats was very cool too!


Absolutely Amazing work, I Really enjoyed watching them.

Well Done to everyone involved.


all very accomplished!!!


these are terrific! loved the last three the most (pirats, burning safari, and cocotteminute)just for the action but thought the style alone (colors, story, characters) of cocotteminute was unique.

these are very inspirational - i look at some of the other stuff (you guys?) did for annecy 2003 all the time. thanks.


just wondering,

how much would a piece like “chicken, Safari or pirate” COST to make with a studio staff …

just want to get an idea…



these are all fantastic! I would be interested in buying a dvd of all the shorts on it with behind the scenes footage etc. Congratulations! Top Quality!


All are amazing works, I like the Art direction of all the clips and the Animation are amazing too. Congrats for all, really!
Keep up the good work!



Hi Loic-M ;-]

I recognise these informations and pictures … please credit your source next time ;-]

The website of “Pyrats” has opened :
Including better video versions of the short (also making-of videos, designs, etc …).

Soon, another dedicated websites for the shorts :


I saw these already. Awesome shorts! You guys do top quality stuff.


These are awesome works:thumbsup: , cant believe that these are student works, looks soo professional.I see a lot of JOhn lasseters and Brad Birds in these people:bounce: .

Good work guys, keep the spirits goin…:scream:



can i rate it ?? dont think so but i’ll do it anyways, heh.
i loved pyrats, its so original that it made me want to see a sequal.
chicken race was second best, funny stuff.
3rd place goes to the other three.

awesome stuff.


My god, these are incredible!

Pyrats is my definite favourite! The animation is fantastic and the characters are perfect! I really enjoyed this one, so I’m watchin it over and over again!

Burning Safari is great too, there’s some shots which really are beautifully lit, I don’t like the model of the monkey’s face, but other then that this is also a wonderfull short!


Great stuff , as usual …

Amazing work…:thumbsup:

Dechire tous les goblins , cocorico…:bounce:


Great work by the “Goblins” :slight_smile: for the Annecy trailers as usual. I love the animations on burning safari, the timing is really good. The story of the chicken race tops all others though (although the paper flyer one really warmed my heart!)




they are really good…
Pyrats’ surprize end is “surprising” :slight_smile:
the chickens and the safari are really good but i liked sebestian…
has a little sad story (a man who wants to make world happy-childish) but with a happy end

good works:thumbsup:


Amazing work. …I …thinking…

I like this film …!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Excellent! Absolutely loved “Burning Safari” :smiley:


Geesh… the competition is tough, as if there isn’t enough already. The style’s that they carry in there short’s are fantastic.


hey ya!
i won’t try to classify or rank any of these shorts, it’s useless; they all rock!
Congratulation. I’m really proud of you guys, you did an awesome work.

I was amazed by the rythm and the quality of the animations even at playblasts’ stage; now that it is properly rendered, it’s simply kick ass stuff.

Good luck to you all.