ANNECY 2006's Short films from Gobelins


Hi everybody!

As you may already know it, each year the french animation school “Gobelins, l’école de l’image” is making shorts film for the Annecy animation Festival.
This year, we have three 2D (with some 3d in it) and two 3D films, and we’d be glad to hear some comments from you about them!
3D shorts were made in 6 monthes, and 2D ones in 8 monthes.
Softwares used were mainly Maya, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.

Monday film :

[b]Traintamarre[/b] (1'35) 

by Béatrice BOURLOTON, Sébastien PIQUET, Eléa GOBBE MEVELLEC, Benjamin L’HOSTE.

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Tuesday film :

[b]Sébastien[/b] (1'51) 

by Geneviève GODBOUT, Carole CARRION, Mourad SEDDIKI, Samuel WAMBRE.

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Wednesday film :

[b]Burning Safari[/b] (1'44) 

by Vincent AUPETIT, Florent de LA TAILLE, Jeanne IRZENSKI, Maxime MALEO, Aurélien PREDAL, Claude-William TREBUTIEN.

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Thursday film :

[b]Pyrats[/b] (1'30) 


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Friday film :

[b]Cocotte Minute[/b] (1'28) 

by Thibault BERARD, Sylvain MARC, Loïc MIERMONT, Amandine PECHARMAN, Nathalie ROBERT, Romain VACHER.

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loved them!

only problem with these bumper-style shorts is that you have little or no empathy with the characters. There’s a middle and an end but no beginning…
animation is awesome (especially the monkey), graphics are suberb, cover-art is very nice as well, storyboards are good but a little too fast paced.

anyway, great work to all of you and cheers!



someone has to plug these! great work, really :slight_smile:


Wow! Amazing work as always from the guys at Goeblins. The Pyrates bumper was awsome! :scream:


super job on these short films. story telling and concepts were done really well. thanks for sharing. ciao :bounce:


Burning Safari is so funny lol


Absolutly amazing and inspirational work…especially Cocotte Minute :applause:


Not plugged yet?
Superb animation and character designs. I liked the Pyrates the most because it has a twist at the end of the story. That was the short where I was most suprised.


Incredible works, I’d be crazy not to plug this thread!



Awesome awesome awesome!! Thanks! I was very entertained

:thumbsup: :bounce:


amazing. in every aspect of production, these are great! makes me want to get a video ipod…


omg… PYRATS is insane!


absolutly fantastic, im amazed at the quality of animation


everything is just wonderful… have story, graphics, effects, audio. whole package in 5 wonderful bundles.
inspirating and terrifying talent.

i quit/work harder :expressionless:


Amazing work. Is this student work from Gobelins, or are they hosting an animation festival of some kind? Because it’s some of the best animated short films I’ve seen to date. If it’s fresh graduate student work I might just retire now!


you french people are crazy!! these are student works?? I can’t believe it! absolutely amazing!!!


I W A N T M O R E ! ! !


Excellent!! I loved th Pyrats!!


Safari is very funny…
Great stile! No motion blur! great animation!

I love the monkey running and standing up its arms at same time.

Congratulations to the “students”


HA HA… headless chicken …HA HA.

Burning Safari made me laugh too.

Gorgeous colours within each piece. Texture work is consistently good. Some of the 3D work in the 2D pieces were of a quality that reminded me of “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

There’s some really nice shot design throughout all of these too, which indicates a dedication to quality work from those involved.

It was mentioned that the time of each piece was too short to gain any empathy with the characters. I can see this point, but there has been considerable effort to elicit emotion in these works. The little robots made me think of cute little kids, full of innocence and a wild eyed curiosity. I felt sympathy for the main characer in “Sebastien”, and was pleased for him when everyone else started making paper planes too. I did, however, want to see more.

Congratulations to all those involved