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Here is one of the fresh paintings I’d like to use for my gallery in the books. I am also going to submit one brand new portrait as soon as possible (that I would eventually like to use for one of my tutorials) and also got 3 new big paintings in stock. They are all brand new and fresh and haven’t been published elsewhere before. :wink:

(please wait for image 1 of 3 to load)

It’s a repaint of this one by the way, originally it was only intended to remove the blood from her lips for a publication, but it then developed a life of its own:

And because I am a lazy bum, I also mashed it up with this one:


Gorgeous work Anne,
and i’m sure you’d be able to come up with other 10 characters starting from that firsts 2,
i think that could be material for an interesting tutorial, How to modify existing images :slight_smile:

apart from that anyway I like very much the result, you managed her to look beautiful strong and sweet at the same time!
just a suggestion (only if you have time to try it since it’s not so necessary) i think the necklace looks too old fashioned for her now… but of course that could also be something you choose purposely… so i better shut up and just admire your work :smiley:


Ah well you are right regarding the necklace. I made some tests with alternate designs but I didn’t like any of them. So I just changed her necklace to look bigger and heavier and then it seemed like it would fit her better.
It actually almost feels as if this kind of necklace adds to the character and her very tomboy like personality.


Hey guys, I have prepared two paintings for my tutorials so far. One is portrait - not sure which version to pick yet.

The other one is full body. Very much fashion like fantasy lady that could as well fit into a adventure game or movie. The style is more asian for this one.
It is a little inspired by an artist I love a lot (mingzhuang) and so would like to invite for the book to write a little paragraph to his beautiful art. I hope he’ll accept my invitation and submit some art to the galleries. :slight_smile:
Oh… and I got no real idea what I am going to do with her hands yet. XD


OK here comes the concept for my third tutorial:

I have taken some shots of 2 beautiful girls I know. I would like to talk about how to shoot your own models to work from and how to create a mashup with the photos you have made to be able to produce a wonderful fantasy painting from that later.

We don’t have that kind of tutorial yet but I think it’s a crutial part of character design, especially because we have tutorials in the book that talk about photos being used as textures, too.

Eventually this also enables to host some bonus material for readers to download should they wish to recreate this workshop in order to learn from it.
I’ll keep you guys posted, looking for good photos from my library for now that I can perhaps share here later. :slight_smile:

  • Anne


Hey Anne :smiley:
as for the full body artworks: i agree it could be perfect design for any fantasy character!
and here’s my suggestion for her hand position, since they will keep the oriental under-theme :wink:

for the portrait i prefer the A version but it’s such a slight difference…
and that girl is soo beautiful that either will do :smiley:

Great work Anne!


Oh hey, thanks a lot for the link, seems like this can help me out, thank you! :slight_smile:
Did the Brandon download work finally? If not I’ll have to worry about my server…


you’re welcome :smiley:
The download worked perfectly , i’m correcting it right now, and i’m going to add some screenshots for some part to help the explanations.
Thanks again for all your suggestions and corrections!


Here is the preview of the finished portrait for the portrait tutorial I am working on. :slight_smile:

edit: further down in that thread are the 4 style variations for the girl.


Updated the artwork that’s currently on the cover. Since this image is unpublished, I will be writing a tutorial about it to cover up the lack of anime styles we got in the current volume.


Final artwork for the textures tutorial. (I chose this one because I am having major problems with the other full figure in the forest that I posted above. Not sure if I can just add the other full figure to this tutorial on a rant about character developement… will see how writing goes the next days)

Here is the other one that I am stuck with and so am afraid to not finish in time (which is why I chose the other painting) - however, if anyone here knows what I can do to rescue it, please let me know! :frowning:


Very good work Anne, i’ve only a little suggestion about her breasts, which looks strange to me since imo, they’re to much close together, to look like that they should be inside a push-up bra or be a lot bigger, or she should have her arm very close to the body, which hers are anything but…
i think you should try to move them a bit apart .
As for the first one, i’ve to tell you i liked more the first version you posted, it was a newer pose and it had a kind of good intriguing aurea, as you said she had something asian about her and somehow reminded me of an arabian fairy tale queen, while now, though always beautiful, her pose is more normal …
don’t know just think about it :smiley:


Alessia: Yeah, I know. The first one has magical breasts. g
About the second one… I think I have worked too long on her. I am error blind and it doesn’t look like I can probably finish her. :frowning:

And here are the 4 character design related style variations for the girl:
(The sense behind this tutorial is to explain how different types of hairstyles and makeup an do major changes to the very same girl. Therefore I have made a big documentation of my workflow when changing her looklike.)


I know…it’s never a good thing for me too staying to much on the same artwork.

The four girls looks wonderful an i think that’s a very cool and useful idea for a tutorial :smiley:


Thanks hun, do you have a favourite out of these 4? ;D


the first one, but it could be just that it still the more finished one :smiley:


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