Anisotropic Shader MR


Hello there.

How to create a good anisotropic effect.

Does anyone have any sugestions about creating or setting specific attributes to create this effect. I have got some decent results but nothing to satisfy me.:wise:

It will be great to see some Renders.

I try DGS, mib_illum_ward and the Reflection Utility but nothing :shrug:


I’ve made a quick test and it seems fine to me …

from left to right … mib_ward_derivative, mib_ward, and a standard maya anisotropic material.

if you used the ward remember to give valus in U and V, or just connect a mib_texture_vector.



and for anisotropic reflection the mib_glossy_relfection works fine :buttrock:


no shit - very nice anisotropic reflection, dragon! is that all done with mib_glossy_relfection or anything else piped in?


WOW Thank you guys.

but that is the test work fine in round surfaces, but i can’t get a good result in flat surfaces. I know it has to do with the UV directions but i don’ think i know the whole formula. :shrug:

This is the effect i am trying to achive


Hello, here is a simple test i did with the Maya anisotropic shader, i think it works fine with mentalray.


Thank u slipknot66

That looks nice how does u network looks like. u usign bump or displacements.



Well, is really simple, im using a grid texture with bump. :slight_smile:
Just plug the grid texture to the bump node of the anisotripoc shader, then adjust the settings the way you want.Thats it.


hey slipknot66 how did you get that circular effect for the grid texture?



Just adjust the V Width value of the grid texture, something around 0.1 its a nice start.


but that doesntmake the grid circular, that only makes the grid thiner.


Nao percebi mt bem isso Giorgio. Desculpa…


Well, that object its a cylinder, and im using the default UV when you create the cylinder.
Sem Problemas:thumbsup:


obrigado giorgio. Depois vejo isso melhor. Agora tenho a cabeça à roda, pk estive o fim de semana todo de volta do Maya…Abraço…


And here using the mib_illum_ward1, with bumpcombiner.


WOW. this is great stuff. :thumbsup:

dagon1978 I will love too see u aproach to this. We all know you know endless amounts of tips and tricks. :wise:

These are great examples from jeff paton site.


hey giorgio, could you send us your file, where you used the mib_illum_ward1 with bumpcombiner??? that would be lovely…Thanks…I can mirror it…

I would like to see dagon1978 aproach too…

Obrigado Giorgio.



hi guys!
i’m in the process of rendering out a design project and i’m kinda having trouble with anisotropic reflections / illumination model…
i’ve tried all (especially mega tk - ward but i couldn’t get the settings to match even the results that the anisotropic maya shader delivers) but everything looks awkward to me…
that bump thingy seems interesting but is there anyway to use it and have suit any surface? disregarding uv directions (with a 3d texture maybe ?)
and also, if you could share the maya files… :slight_smile: well, you know…


Here is the scene


thanks slipknot66 for the file will check it out :slight_smile:


And what if I want to use DGS shaders?, I been able to use anisotropic reflections only in NURBS surfaces…, Is there anything I must do to make it work in poly meshes? (apart from applying proper UV layout of course).

Thank´s in advance.