AniSculpt- Maya-Blender Connection Script available


I´ve just upload the Maya Scripts in my web
and a videotutorial “How To”

I made a Zip with all you need to play with.
If you are not familiarity with Blender this zip will be useful
In this zip you can find:

\Blender for windows (folder)
a complete version of blender 2.48a with AniSculpt Mannager script, instructions and specific
layout when startup, just double click in blender.exe to run

\scripts (folder)
-AniSculpt.mel, just drag an drop in to Maya viewport to run it , you don´t need it if use blender.exe of this zip

\startup file (folder)
-.B.blend file, the startup configuration with the interface and AniSculpt Mannager script.
you don´t need it if use blender.exe of this zip

Check Previous Videos:

AniSculp video:
AniSculp Test01 :
Maya Connection:

Have fun!

Daniel Martinez Lara


Awsome man, definitely gonna check it out when i have some free time! Looks like fun animating :slight_smile:


Oi!.. superb work Daniel :smiley:
defenetly gonna have a go at it - this would awsome to try out - to get that extra “yeah! thats it” :smiley:

Thanks a ton



This is awesome…my friend and I have been looking for something like this…thanks for that!!!


Thank you so much for developing this Daniel. Simply Brilliant!!!


That’s it! I’m learning Blender just for this.

You’ve done a fantastic job of this script Daniel, I’ve been wanting to have something with this much flexibility in Maya since I started using it way back at version 4.

I’ll be making sure to put this to good use in the future.

Thank you.


This looks fantastic!! Thanks so much for putting in the effort and time to make this work. I noticed a potential snag, tho. Your RAR doesn’t seem to have the blender startup script in it…? Or maybe I’m just not looking in the right place?


great work man keep on rocking :slight_smile:



Same here.

Thank you for such a great work Daniel!


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