Anime Girl with Sword ( a classic ) - WIP


Completed figure
The head, ear, body and hand topology is created separately over sculpted forms and then assembled.

   My solution for "Anime Eyes"
   The iris' would be rendered in a separate pass and composite over using the face geometry as a mask.  Eye movement would be:    left-right = rotate on an axis, up-down = moving on a plane.

   The Beginning of Clothing and Props

   Take care


Nice, but show us a tutorial :thumbsup:


Opps, 'got caught up in another project… anywho,

Break-down part one…

My models usually start out in “pieces” as generalize sculpting that focus mainly on volume and proportion which match the source or reference character(s). Each part of the character is re-topologized and then assembled into a complete figure. Tweaking and adjustments follow.

Over time, one builds up a library of body parts that often get used and re-used with each new character - body parts such as eyes, teeth & tongue, feet, hands, etc. Also, over time this library can be edited and tweaked or items replaced as skills improve.

… more to come …


more breakdowns - sword and shoes.

Up next, clothing…


OK, so for the clothing and hair creation, I will be using Silo 2 and other programs such as Blender

We begin inside Silo 2…

At this point we should have four (4) objects. The hips/thigh object (for collision), the skirt-guide (for cloth simulation), the final pleated skirt and waist-band (for rendering).

Now over to Blender…

Next up, shirt and tie

take care



Well, originally I was gonna use a cloth sim for the blouse but then decided to go with a rigged object plus morph targets

… more break down …

Take care


Very cool man! Keep it up.


thanks for the comment…

OK, and now for hair…

Unfortunately, I can’t make the hair I want using only Silo 2, so, the hair creation is gonna be split up into three parts - the first part in Silo, the second part in Blender and the final part in Silo once again.

Here we go,… Part One.

coming up, Enter Blender.


Over to Blender…

Now, use the ‘Alt-C’ Convert to Mesh command on all the hair blades then export them as " .obj ".

Next,… back home to Silo.


Part three:

almost done :slight_smile:


And now for an eye job…

Next, wrap it all up.