Anime devil girl - Etna


Thought id start something new once again. After my creepy, messed up silent hill model ive nearly finished, i thought id go back to some anime cuteness…
I really liked the design of this character called Etna - after looking into it some more, shes actually from a 2d isometric PS2 RPG called Disgaea. Never played it, but i like the character a lot.
Thought id have a go at modeling the super deformed version as you can see on the right side of the reference.
Ive only spent 2 nights on it, so its only about 70% modeled. The hair, hands and face needs more work - as well as adding the tail. Im pretty pleased with the body, but the modeled straps and buckles add a lot to the poly count. I think ill keep em on though - they add to the er, ‘robustness’ and ‘solidarity’ of the model, as well as helping any cel shading i might apply to it later on.
Shes 3848 triangles at the mo.

Hope y’all like.


the model looks to be on model with the pencil drawing on the far right, but she looks like she’s 9 years old. I like the other ones that makes her look like shes 14. when i model hands, i model them as if they where holding a CD or a soft ball, that way you get a more mass for the thumb muscle and the fingers are bent a little. There is too much shoe, make them smaller. looks like the neck needs to be a wee bit longer and a tad bit thinner. Since i like the color picture on the far right i am baseing my opinion off of that. With that said, i think the forearms need to be more proportionate. It looks like the wings need to be above the halter top, not on them. Looks like the base of the pony tails have lost their mass and purkyness. I’d try reworking the bangs a different way. love.


I was unsure wether to model the SD version or the full scale version. Ill have a mess with the proportions and see which one works best. The SD one is like a cute and cartoony caricature whereas the full body one has more skinny, realistic proportions and, in my opinion loses some of the character and makes her look a bit too young to be wearing stuff like that :argh: Plus, i need more stylised stuff for my portfolio / site - ive got far too many human proportioned characters!
I was gonna relax the hands later - i keep them straight until theyre finished so i can model and view them easier. The hands and the hair are still WIP, so theyll look better soon.
Cheers for the quick reply.


If you’re going for the black and white image at the far right, I think the head on your model is too small. That’s why it doesn’t quite look right. The body looks pretty good!:thumbsup: Personally I like the color image where she’s taller and more slender!


Hm… I can see which way things will flow. Most people will probably prefer the skinny version…
Ill do a test to see if it looks ok, and maybe ill give it a whirl - i really really love the red pic where shes looking evil - i dont think the SD version will have that effect - plus, its kindof awkward posing and animating a character with such a huge head.
If done right, the skinny one could look good. Spike spiegel from Cowboy bebop had a really skinny body and he looked ace in action.

Ill post an update sometime tmora.


When I look at the ref I think that her accesoires are more thin and well yours look so large eg. the ring round her hands. She is ought to look cute and perhaps a bit adult and her acc needs to look more grown up.
I also think that your hair looks a bit more like leaves of a palm. Id really model the hair in a flow that there is no cut. Perhaps even model the band in her hairs.

Perhaps the eyes a bit smaller?! Could be but Im not sure.

Keep it up man, We all know how its gonna rule in the end once your @ work :thumbsup:

edit: I just recognized the difference of the ref files above. Like someone said before I like the color image (second from right) more.


damn andy you are a modeling machine! you never stop! my vote is for the skinnier one - she looks like a goth version of AW’s Sami, and will look much cooler posed i think.


A lil update i did THIS MORNING!!! at 7am!!! Before going to work!!! Gah - once i start something i cant leave it alone!

Going for ths skinny look now. Lemme know if you prefer it.


I think this is super cool dude. I also like the more shapely version beter than the younger looking one. Though I think you could give fuller more curvy hips ( just a little ). I think this model will rock when finished!! Now just work faster and harder, Now Now Now!!! :wink:


give her more curves and breasts, it would make her look mature depite the sleazy way of doing so


looks very true to the ref…

maybe widen the hips a little and shrink the waist a touch, plus maybe make the legs slightly thinner?? just a few suggestions :wink:


Haha cool! I was actually working on a high poly version of Etna some time ago…, never finished it of course :rolleyes: .

The SD one is only used during the battle sequences in the game as far as I know. Personally I like the “real” one more as well, it just has more character in my opinion.

You could give her more curves but not more breast (if you want to stay true to the character design), they actually make fun of her flat chest in the game I believe.

Overall a good start, if you are going to go for the “real” look, then some of the proportions are a little of, her waist is longer and so are her legs and arms (or you could make them thinner). Also notice the spikey hair that it isn’t curved, but you probably already knew al this. :slight_smile:


Hey, Andy. Sorry, no crit. Looks great. You are very fast. Knockin em out pretty quickly. Would like to check out your wesite. URL?



Click on my name on the left of the post and go to visit homepage. Its not fully up to date including my silent hill monster cos its still a WIP, but everything else is pretty recent.



That’s looking great, Andy. :thumbsup: I like your anime inspired works.

I vote for the slender version too…

The proportions still need work on your latest WIP, and as YerEvilTwin suggested about the hands, I think it’s good to model everything in a slightly relaxed pose… not only the hands, but also the whole posturing of the spine. For example, notice how in the reference her pelvis is thrust out somewhat and the legs are back (especially in the far right one)… this creates a curvature in the pose and makes her look natural in a sort of idle state, otherwise, she will look too stiff and upright. my2cents.


Andy H slender version would rock,
that’t the way she looks in the ref, sweet character too, I love the modeling, and cant wait to see the textures.

your going from progect to project, dude never stop! I can’t wait to see you new DR when you decide to make it… hmm and I’ve noticed the road you seem to be taking I agree you, can never run out of inspiration when you look to the land of the rising sun. :wink:


DR? what do you mean?

Yeah - i seem to find getting home from work and sitting in front of the TV a waste of time - id rather do something productive / creative - plus, i see sooo much stuff that inspires me and makes me want to model it. Im already contemplating doing another animated short, but ill wait til my 3ds max knolwedge is a bit better on the animation front.

Joe, i definately agree with the relaxed pose thing - i did it a little bit, but bending it some more would give it a better look. Kinda like Spike Spiegel’s standing pose! Im just worried that having the bind pose with the spine deformed might make things a bit wierd when animating / posing.

I spent an hour on it at work y’day in my lunch hour, put it on my pen drive and found out that the file is corrupted! Boo hoo! I lost an hours work - doing tedious things like the hands and fine tuning too!
I can only hope that autoback has saved the day.


Allo folks.

Finished the geometry - made her a bit skinnier, defined the hands, added the tail and made the hair properly. Gonna start UVing tomorror (sat)
Any ideas on what kind of textures to paint? stylised? realistic? true to the original? cel shaded? I kinda like the celshaded idea cos the details like the straps and buckles are modeled, so they would pick up the outlines pretty well.

Everyone ok with it so far? Im sticking to the reference, so i aint gonna beef her up - i like the lankiness and skinniness of her - its a unusual look for an anime girl.

Anyone have any ideas on how to do the eyes??? I really want to acheive the various looks as seen on the ref pics on the left, but a textured face simply would not make that possible, and adding rotatable poly eyes is impossible on a character where the eyeballs defy anatomy.

By the way - shes not modeled with her arms down - theyre just a morph to see what it looks like in a more relaxed pose.

EDIT::: i forgot to unhide the wings when i made the screecaps! Doh!!


Incredable, thats all I can say about it! :thumbsup:

Andy H, can you give me your email, I would like to talk to you some about something ( wont say here, dont want people to get too excited )


Nice concept and nice model, it’s good that you stick that close to the concept.
Actually I was wondering if it wasn’t asked too much, that you’d maybe make a tutorial or a ‘making of’ of one of your next models? It would certainly be a good help for beginnen game artists. :slight_smile: