Anime Devil Girl - Etna (low Poly), Andy H (3D)




Oh this is really cool :slight_smile: I love 3d anime, The world needs more of it! :thumbsup:


Great character. well executed


Wicked Stuff!! :slight_smile:

Love the model, great work!


Great! I’m starting to make a low poly chibi charakter too, but I got confused how to set the vertexes and how they’ve to be in comunications with the edges. Thanks for the help. Some close ups would be really really nice… thanks for the wireframes! Persist in!


Great work…

I know it’s always a challenge to give life to a lowpoly model… excellent work. Truly…

Would like to see an animation if u got one…


The cell shading looks absolutely phenomenal! Did you write the shader yourself? Also, I see you have a render with the outlines and without. I much prefer the one with the outlines. Did you hand do the outlines after rendering or is that part of the shader? No matter how you made it, great job!


that is so cool, it looks like 2d but it is a 3d model, great job. it is so low poly the detials are done so well, your texture skill is amazing, and i saw your bunny model too, both are just amazing, great job. the bunny girl’s facial expression looks so smooth and attractive, it could be a great character for any meduim, games or movies. i look forward to seeing more of your work.


:thumbsup: gooooooooood


It’s amazing… I’m really new to modelling and your works just struck me deep. I love cel shading! The low poly actually make the anime shading looks less curvy and more “authentic”. Makes me wonder if I should rebuild my character from scratch using low poly…

Great work! You’re my new inspiration!


I’m a big fan of anime and though I never though of having a job in anime industry, I love to create my favourite anime character one day. You truly is my idol. Your model is so nice I love every piece of it. I will work hard to be like you one day. :wink:


Wow! I know it’s an old, decaying, pungent topic, but I just like the modeling so much. I’ve always been wanting to get my hand on a copy of Disgaea, and you’re only making me regret that I hadn’t gotten it earlier. Thumbs up!


can we see your texture map?? :smiley:


Man, this stuff is awesome! YOu have to be one of the best modelers I’ve seen! I wish I could do stuff like this. But hey, I now feel inspired to try modeling again. I just need to get a student or some cheap/free version of some 3d Software


Wow dude. I normally HATE cel-shading. But this… this kicks exactly 11.5 kinds of ass.


I can’t believe that could be 3d model until i saw 3d model without cel shade , i like it , can u tell me which plug-in u have used if there is and the sitting value for that amazing cel shad , plz and some advices to achieve to your skill in cel shade .


Your rock at the anime modelling, wow just keep up the great work.


I’m late to the party here…

Awesome work Andy! Cool style and I love the cel-shading!!!


Anywhere i could find your anime style wires or wips?
Lovelly chars… all i needed to study cel shade… :slight_smile:
Thank you anyways…


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