Anime Devil Girl - Etna (low Poly), Andy H (3D)


Title: Anime Devil Girl - Etna (low Poly)
Name: Andy H
Country: Uk

I recently finished this in the games forum, and now that its no longer a WIP, I thought i’d bring it to the masses and post here!
The design was taken from a character called Etna from a PS2 RPG called ‘Disgaea’.
4907 triangles.
Ill try and post the rest of the images once this one appears - its my first post using the new hosting system.


Andy, this is a really nice piece of work!!! I have never imagine that morph can be applied on cartoon character! keep it up!!! CHEERRRRRR!


Heres the rest of the images!

And the WIP thread is here:



oh very like u work !Don’t stop !Good Luck !


Beeyouteefull, as always. Front page.


Turned out darn cool Andy, Anime rulez em all :buttrock:

Greetz Fox Mc Cloud


Didn’t had the time… (yet!) to play the game but it’s in my plans :smiley: … I like those characters design… and you sure did a nice job… What about making the rest of them… :slight_smile: Just joking! (It seems there’s a lot of characters in the game… ) I like it, keep it up :thumbsup:


great! i like it!!!1 :applause:


She’s so cute. I like it very much


Wow! It´s perfect!!. Very nice.


ha ,is realy very cute > _ < i like this anime style ,this game’s character design is Yuichi Harada .here is his websit url n’ tell you a site ,itis a place to connect anime 3D character fans

^___^a …i feel cutely again…


i realy like it ! it’s so cutely ,i like the style


wonderful!!the render is so good!


Front Page Plug!! nice one dude, you deserve it.


Wow really appealing. I like how you handled the joints, works very well for what you are doing. Only complaints I really have are I would like to see more shading on her, there really isn’t much contrast. Also some parts feel a little too blocky, like her shoes, a little more exaggeration there would be nice. Very nice work :applause:


How can you NOT like this project?? Awesome stuff, really cool!


I love that third expression!


I’m not normally a fan of anime style work, but that’s just excellent, lots of character.

Love the final render as well.



HAHA i just got the game to day lol nice work really nice!!!


Finally this got front page!

Great work I did not post at all on the first thread ,but I did see the start to finish. Great stuff it turned out awesome.