Animators Survival Kit 16 DVD Set now available!


"Richard Williams, triple Oscar winner and Director of Animation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit has combined his best-selling book, “The Animator’s Survival Kit”, with his legendary Masterclasses.

Now available for the first time as a 16-DVD boxed set - there’s never been anything like it. Filmed at Blue Sky Studios in New York, the Masterclass is inter-cut with over 350 animated examples. Richard is the link-man passing on the secrets of the masters of the golden age of animation to the present generation of animators."

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY!! I know what i want for my birthday! :smiley:

PS: Someone for the love of god help him design a better site. I cant find a way to click on the promo links. It is like some sort of puzzle game to navigate that site.





When was that made it looks ancient?


I went to Richard’s Master Class back in 2000 and it was totally worth it (I had to drive 25 hours straight to get to Los Angeles). I can’t stress this enough, if you want to be a professional animator (and even if you are already a professional animator), you don’t want to pass this up. The book is great as a reference, but he really makes it come to life in the Master Class. Now having them combined - with the animated clips - well… I’m preordering now. Even as a collector set… this is awesome. It really doesn’t matter when it was recorded - the principles and examples are timeless. As an added bonus, Dick is quite entertaining!


the price is just ridiculous tough:

Our Price: USD 1,203.92


That’s such an awesome set. Though, I’d need to sell one of my kidneys to get it. :confused:


That’s cheaper than when I went to the actual class (and that was 8 years ago)… plus there were no animated samples (that you could frame through a frame at a time). Personally, that class was priceless to me - and so being able to go through it again and again is worth it. There was only so much I could absorb in the weekend. The book is a great addendum to it all. I guess it all depends on how much you are willing to pay for your animation education.


I guess I’m m stuck with books then.


It might sound expensive but taking a animation class at a college is as much if not more expensive and I can almost guarantee watching these vids will be more beneficial.


disclaimer: potentially off-topic stuff:

It’s fine if your income is sufficient and your’e not dealing with a dog operation
coming up, car repairs and another dog having dental problems, then having to go
to a county supported clinic to even get the medical help I need for my self.
It’s fine if you’re already working in the industry and making good money, but
not if you’re working a low paying job and struggling.

Then the statement: “oh it’s all how much it really matters to you” comes off
as slightly narrow.

Taking a class at the local community college does not cost $1000 something,
it’s more like $300.

However, I would have nothing against working from the book. I know it’s a good
one, and I have it on my list.


EUR 852.28?

The Animator’s Survival Kit is a very useful book, but even if I bought these DVDs I would be scared to touch them. I would probably hang those DVDs on the wall next to my collection of classic bamboo fly fishing rods.

I would definitely love to get my hands on the DVDs… Now, I must get ready to live in my car for the next month.


In my opinion Richards book is the best one out there. I have to say however that I think these DVD’s are way overpriced. It’s not a course in animation - it’s a masterclass. With all due respect it’s overpriced. It’s a recording for Gawds sake! Still like many others I would love to get my hands on these but I won’t be buying at this price.
It’s just a shame that it can’t be as accessible, ( ie. affordable ), as his excellent book. If they lowered the price , ( maybe a third of what they’re asking ), they’d probably sell 20 times the number but hey I’m no accountant and Mr. Williams obviously has expenses.


While it’s exciting that the masterclass is now available on DVD, there is no way I will ever pay that much for it. AU$600 MAX as far as I’m concerned. It’s recorded once and it’s not like he has to travel to every single persons house who buys it so why should we be paying for it as if he is.


This may be pretty good!
I hope I can have it here one day.

The book is the best one. Much better than any other one in my opinion.


It certainly is worth it, I have no doubt it’s worth every penny, though it still doesn’t deny the fact that the price is out of reach of some people.

If i had that money, I’d order it this very moment.

Anyway, was just watching the sample clips, and this DVD looks awesome! He seems like such a fun teacher! :smiley:


You can buy Hollywood Camerawork for about US$280 these days. That’s a well-priced killer DVD set. This… not so much.


Would you mind explaining how exactly hollywood camera work has anything whatsoever to do with animators survival kit, or animation?


Agreed. As great as the DVD’s might be there is no way in hell I would pay 1200 dollars for them. I didn’t even pay 1200 dollars for my cintiq. :surprised


Would you mind explaining how exactly hollywood camera work has anything whatsoever to do with animators survival kit, or animation?

It doesn’t directly (although animation isn’t all about characters), but it reflects a fairly common pricepoint for a set of high quality ‘best available’ training dvds. In other words, it was my way of pointing out that super-high quality training doesn’t need to be set at stupidly high pricepoints. Apologies for pulling an example out that’s a bit OT… I couldn’t think of any other animation training that’d be as highly respected.

To some people these dvds will be like watching an interview with God, so… I guess they can charge whatever they like.


[left]Now that we have this in video … reading is officially obsolete