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Hello folks, I thought I’d throw up a thread to help illustrate some of the characteristics of these characters and how I’d like them to play out in the short. There are going to be several different animators working on different scenes and keeping movement and character consistent is going to be one of the biggest challenges.

First of all, read through the storyboard descriptions that I provided earlier. These little comments on the actions of the characters in each scene will help you understand the direction and motivation of the characters. I can’t sit over your shoulder and preview your clips, so it’s going to be difficult to communicate accross the internet what works and doesn’t work for your shots. I’ll do my best to put it in words, but I feel a lot of communication is going to be lost if I can’t be in the same room with you and act out a scene. Or discuss character motivations and expressions.

Secondly, the animatic is to be used as a visual representation of how the final film will be paced. However, do not restrict yourselves to existing shot times or movements when you are working on your scenes. If you feel an action should be longer or shorter to better communicate the scene, then take some artistic liberties and adjust the scene as needed.

The characters are basic geometric shapes, so getting an emotion across to the viewer is going to be your greatest challenge. As an animator, you are the actor for this film. Your character movement, holds and keys will be the voice of this character. Your task is the most important part of this film’s progress.

No pressure … :smiley:

To get you all started, I wanted to show you this Pepsi commercial that was posted on the forum a little while back and can still be seen on TV. The animation in this spot is just fabulous and has a lot of simularities to actions that can (and do) take place within our short film. I’d like for each of the animators to download this short, scrub through the frames and see what was done to give these soda cans and water bottles such vibrant life and emotion.

Apply what you learn to your own shots. This is the level of quality that I’ll be looking for in your animation previews. Enjoy …

“After Hours” by Redrover Animation Studios Ltd.


I take it that since there are no comments here, that means everyone is clear on the direction? If you have any questions about any scene, post it now before you begin work. I don’t want anyone to have to re-do a scene just because there was some confusion about the character’s actions.


I think it’d be a good idea for the animators to brainstorm the type of emotions they’re going for- things like ‘joyful’, ‘funky’ ‘like toy story bouncy happiness’ or whatever comes into their mind. This is to make sure they are all on the same page when it comes to the type of emotions we’re trying to put forward.


I’m a new CG Society member and i was wondering what is exactly this Collective short section. I see that you have a project in development and you have some people working on it. What was your process to do that and do you need anymore team membe?. Thanks