Animator Starter Pack V2


From award winning artist Shaun Keenan .For those animators and aspiring artist out there who have limited resources .For those people out there who always wanted to make their own great looking demo reels to stand out from every one .The Animator Starter Pack V2 has arrived and is ready for download .17 fully modeled scenes ready for animators and artists alike to make their own high quality demo reels and short films .You can grab the Animator Starter Pack V2 at the link below .

These are maya Only ATM .


Great and generous idea. But for Maya only?


Yeah I apologize for that .They may get a conversion at some point but for the time being its maya only .


Thank you Very much, :bowdown:
Ok just downloaded V1, WOW soo many models tnx again…


Once I get to the end of the modeling shots I will then convert to FBX for everyone not in maya .