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Hi All,

First time posting in the ‘focused critiques’ forum.
This is a walk cycle I did recently and I’m looking for feedback on the animation.

Vogon Walk Cycle 1.5 MB DivX 5.05

It’s a character based on Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. A friend designed and modelled/textured him while I did the rig and animation.

Have at it!



He seems to bring his foot forward faster than I would expect, based on the lumbering of the rest of the cycle.
His toe snaps to the ground in like 1 frame, which I think could be delayed a little more.
The shoulders rotating side to side (RZ?) look like they might be a little over exaggerated, you might want to think about scaling down the motion a little bit, but maybe not.
Hope that helps. Looking good, nice work.


I agree with everything Morganism said. I also would like to see you convey his heavy weight a little more.

Nice work.


Thanks for the input. I tried the suggestions you made. Toned down the shoulders a bit and slowed the feet.

animation angel: any ideas on how to show more weight? He has really large legs and feet so I figured he would be able to handle his size fairly easily. But I am open to suggestions on making him lumber more.

Thanks again,



Updated render has been added with the suggested crits.

Here it is: New Walk Update

Thanks for hte help!



any ideas on how to show more weight?

Well, maybe keep his back foot flat on the ground for a little longer, and keep his back knee straight so that is doesn’t look like he’s supporting his whole body on bent legs. You could also overlap his upper body more so that his down position is just a frame or two later, and so that he curves his back more when he comes down (offset the rotation of every spine joint by a frame or so) which could give a sense of more momentum.
Those are just some suggestions. It’s already looking better. Walk cycles are hard, man. Good work.


Hey Slurry,

Maybe it’s just me…The foot contact point seems off to me. The heel doesn’t look like it is touching the ground first. It looks like he is landing flat footed instead of on the heel then moving forward.

Does that make sense?
Looks great so far by the way.
I like the character. Looks like he would be fun to animate!



Hi Mark,

Thanks for the critical eye. You are right about the foot and I think that is because it is a “stationary” walk cycle. The character isn’t moving but his arms and legs are going through the motion. Like he’s on an invisible tread mill.
I think I would have to transfer his center of gravity forward to make the foot behave properly.
But maybe not?




His back doesn’t seem to be moving at all; He’s pretty stiff. Other than that, I think it’s great.


Thanks BDH. I appreciate the nice comment!

KVernon, I toned down the shoulder movements based on earlier comments. Perhaps that is making the back look stiff?

Thanks for the comments everyone. It is greatly appreciated.



Sorry, I shoulda been a little more clear… In the side view is where the back looks stiff. For some reason, I feel just a hint of sway or flex would add greatly to walk. Just keep it real subtle


Expanding on what mark said, yeah… the heel needs to make contact with the ground before the foot flattens.
Also, just as he steps forward, the back foot rolls off the toe and then it lifts off the ground and comes forward. You need to bend the knee so that the foot takes a more perpendicular path with the floor as it passes under the body.
Other than that, the head motion and the body motion are great. It’s looking good.



i think that it looks alright, but i would have the character swing his arms and maybe try a walk like a sumo wrestler, since his size does imply that


Thanks for all the advice everyone. I think I have the cycle to a point where I’m happy with it!



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