Animation & VFX program in NY / Boston


Hello everyone!

I’m looking for an animation and vfx course for the film industry in the area of Boston or New York. I already have some formation in 3D design and rendering since I studied Industrial Design, but I’d really like to start learning about animation and visual effects. I’m looking for a one year general program, in order to study all the disciplines within vfx (modeling, rigging, animation, texturing, lighting, effects, compositing…) and after that I’d specialize in one of them by myself.

I’d really appreciate any advice or information about schools, courses, etc… you could give me!

Thank you very much!


Consider either School of Visual Arts or Pratt Institute. Both are excellent and have top notch instructors who are working in the industry.

My bias is towards SVA. They are more practical in their education while Pratt is more “fine artsy” and experimental. Because of this., SVA students tend to appear in more festivals than those from Pratt students and win these festivals more than Pratt students.