Animation: True Love


I was a little reluctant to post this, but I figured it would be hard to get some feedback if I didnt.

This is my first animation using Maya, and my 3rd attempt at animation whatsoever. I know there are parts that I need to tweak the motion, and I want to re-light the scene because its a little bit washed out. Any feedback or suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated.



Ah that cheered me up a bit :slight_smile: The animation was pretty limited. It felt quite rigid. Good sense of aniticipation though. Cool music too.

Characters were appealling but at first I thought it was 2 guys. If you were to re-render it I would make her bow bigger and add eyelashes.


Very nice, I really like the simple story that is told without words. I would agree with andrewley that you should make her a little more femine, long eyelashes that she bats would do the trick.


Hey, that’s incredible for early work. The elbow pops a little high at the first “give” which was a bit distracting.

The biggest problem that I noticed was that you don’t use moving holds. In 3d, unlike some other mediums, when your character is perfectly still, he seems to kinda drop out of the scene. The best thing to do is to make him move subtly when he’s “still”. Stuff like shifting his balance slightly and fiddling with something can help… even the slightest sway, as long as most of him is moving.
Also, while you have some great poses, it feels a bit “disjointed” at times, like just his legs are walking, or his arm is giving but the rest of him is reading the times :wink:

If you plan on getting into animation, get the Animator’s Survival Kit. It’s better than sex. Well… it’s better than animating sex.


Dever, that is the biggest thing I need to work on in my opinion. And I didnt notice it until after the animation was complete. I’ll definately check out that book. I ran into so many technical issues while learning to rig, it only left me a week to animate and render. Still, im happy with the results so far, and I cant wait to finish my site and start tweaking this piece a little bit more…

Good to see someone else from MA on here!

Thanks for the feedback everyone, this will be a huge help (and keep em comin!)


If you want to deal less with rigging, “The Setup Machine” ( is a prefab rigging solution, it gives you the skeleton, you tweak it to fit your character, it adds all of the relevant controls. It’s Spiffy.


Good job, I like the simple story , it made me smile so I think you did great.

Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Im glad people ‘get it’ because I was told at first that no one would understand it. I think they were underestimating the intelligence of people that would be seeing it.

Thanks again!


Heehee :slight_smile: funny.


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