Animation: The Other Side


Hello everybody!

EDIT: Bandwidth problems hopefully sorted out, sorry to all who found dead links or had problems downloading…

Finished this a while back for my graduate film from the NCCA Bournemouth (MA), but didn’t post it here because I didn’t have permission to use the music.

The film is 2 and a half minutes long and is called ‘The Other Side’. It follows the story of a 2d character who is beckoned through a fence into a 3d world. I hope you like it.

The smoke and flocking sheep were done in Maya by Alan Woods, and there was some heavy use of Shake, but most of the work was XSI 3.0 and pen and paper. Thanks go out to Alan Woods, John Kilshaw and Alexis Hall for their help, and those who commented on the wip ages ago…

You can download from any of the following links:

Divx 720x576 44 Mb -
Divx 360x288 18 Mb -
Quicktime 720x576 34 Mb -
Quicktime 360x288 11.7 Mb -

And a couple of pics so you know what you’re downloading…

Any feedback would be much appreciated, I’ve slagged off, ahem, constructively critted a lot of people’s work here over the past year so here is your chance for revenge, cheers!


This should win awards.

It’s well planned out, emotive, funny, silly, catchy, and well designed.


Ahh, downloading … its going pretty slow …30kb/s … will tell my thougts later :wink:

Edit: Downloads to 66% and then it stops :curious:


Very nice!

You pulled off the style really well, especailly the transition to 3D. The sheep with the umbrella was an especially nice touch! :smiley:

Only crits would be that the Satan/hell part does seem a little out of place. It’s clear what your intent is, but it just could have done with a little more (some extra temptation perhaps) to set that up.

But minor niggles with what is a great little movie!

From a fellow Bristolian (born) and Bournmouthian (living) :smiley:


pur9e - cheers mate :wink:

Ac0rN - sorry about that, I am using a bit of a bargain basement host. Maybe try one of the other download options? Always v.frustrating when that happens :smiley:

AJ_23 - glad you liked it! I know what you mean about the evil character, I was planning on putting a couple of PoV shots in as he approached the siren to build up suspense, but ran out of time :frowning: There was also a whole diff. part to that in my original animatic, if you can face the download its - 8 Meg or so.

So are you City or Rovers? :wink:


WOW…how great is that :slight_smile:

there seems to be some issues wth the rain starting and beginning…where the frame kinda jumps…might be my computer/player… very nicely executed, but i could miss some more toying with light/colors

but very nice…gj! :slight_smile:


awesome! I especially like the Devil and the way he looks. The animation has a really cool concept! I really like the paper-rip people! :smiley: I’m at Bournemouth doing the BA course at the moment (first year). Cool work m8 - is it on the NCCA archive? get it added! :thumbsup:


Really cool style. I especially like the transition from 2d to 3d and the folded cloth ground. The only part that jumped out at me, however, was when he hit the fence and then slid down. Something about the fade there just seemed wrong. Great work though! Cool concept.


A beautiful piece of work and excellent style. You should submit this one to festivals and get it seen.

Good Work


great video:thumbsup:


Because I am at school, I watched it without the sound. Anyway, it is a great animation… Keep going man! :applause:


Thankx for the replies everybody :beer:

asphaltcowboy: yeah it’s up on the archive but the compression has kind of killed it :frowning: Good luck with the course, you have to put in the hours but it’s worth it - and make sure you post some work up!


I think the sheep stole the show :bounce:


Pure_Morning: If your alter ego hadn’t created the sheep in question I’d be worried :stuck_out_tongue:


Great visual style, works really well.


This is awesome. Sometimes it seems like all computer animators are sheep to me too.


Thanks for the reply!

Not quite sure if that’s the meaning I wanted though,
I’m squarely in computer animator territory so it would be a little hypocritical :wink:

It’s more a comment on the industry, grass is greener, pandora’s box connitations…


Very cool concept and story. I’m studying animation myself as well, and while I’m personally mainly interested in 3D, we also have extensive lessons in traditional animation techniques. Many from my class have done cut-out animation, so it’s cool to see you’ve used it in such a creative way, using the moving hold jerknyness you often get from hand drawn aniamtion for the faces and bodys, which are ‘drawn’ onto surfaces that move completely fluently, and also using the fact cut out is 2D, when he falls through the fence.

I wasn’t too sure about the rendering of the girl and the demon creature though, those seemed to bee too smooth compared to the rest of the characters and environment. The voice effect also could have used some more attention, but that’s not such a bad point.

Overall, very nice concept and execution! :slight_smile:


hha, I thought that was Great!

I love the cut out jerky drawn bodies on fluid moving paper.

The Concept was quite funny, but of all things… sheep? heheh.

Great work dude!


I really like this movie. It’s very different to most of the stuff you see. Nice style. Great work!:buttrock: