Animation : The Cube


My first post.

It’s a simple animation made for a primtives animation challenge.

Maya, premiere

The cube - 5.05 divx - 4mb


It’s cute :slight_smile:

The camera is too static IMO. It doesn’t move at all!


No problem with the static camera, but there are two other things that for me don’t make it work.
The lights in the background probably belong to a mirrorball or another disco-light instrument, but these lights don’t seem to affect the stuff on the table. This gives the idea that the tuble is turning, without there being a reason for it.
The second thing is the timing. The climax of the cube jumping the cherry does not work as such and the clou at the end goes on for way to long which leaves one with the feeling that there must still be more to come.

What I did like was the cherries, but the icecube lost its shape in such a way that is was sometimes hard to keep seeing it as an icecube. Wouldn’t it work to keep it as a solid shape hopping over the place?

You’ve got a great simple story there, would love to see more of it…


I’m a cg idiot at this point so if what I say makes no sense, ignore me. When the cube left the screen I was expecting (or thought it would be cool for) it to slide back into the shot from the area it left. A nice slippery icecube slide in time with that music might look good. Not that there’s anything wrong with the way you did it :slight_smile:

And one thing that bothered me was the lights (on the wall) at the end, the loop had a seam in it, so you see a quick jump in the frame as if the lights reset all of a sudden.

I could be way off base, but anyway…



Hi Marcatore!

As i already told you, i liked very much this work of yours!

I agree with UnlikelyCorny for the problem of the lights, and i also noticed that things on the table are not affecxted from that light excepted for the glass pot containing the cherries.

I also found a bit long the iceCube and cherry floating sequence, but i understand you had musical timings to respect…

Anyway a good job!


thanx for suggests.

The “rotating table” problem is known but to solve it i must model the floor and walls.

For the loops in the icecube and cherry floating sequence there is any problem to correct it…because initially this sequence must take long one loop…not 3 like now.

i will correct it.

Excuse for my bad english…

Next time…


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