Animation : The Annoying Thing



I have just finnished this little animation with a character I made a while back. The anim is based on a strange soundfile that has been cruizing around the web for quite some time, and I found it was inviting to do something with it.
Unfortunately I have no idea who the mad guy behind it is, so I can´t give him credit (I assume it is a he). If he or anyone familiar with the guy should happen to see this; PLEASE COMETH FORTH! :smiley:

The music is simply the ugliest piece of sound I could find on my drive (no offence Bodenständig 2000, I think you guys are cool anyway), and put there mainly to avoid too much silence.

The animation files are here:

annoying AVI | 480 x 384 | 7,25 MB

annoying MPG | 480 x 384 | 8,3 MB

Window-users right-click and “save target as”.
The AVI is better in quiality but requires DivX-codec 5.0.3 or later.

Enjoy! And please give me a word on it. C&C allways welcome. :wavey:




Ahahah, that’s far from annoying :stuck_out_tongue:
Great work! :thumbsup:


:slight_smile: that’s great


thats fabulous :applause:

bra jobbat :wink:


So damned cool!


Great work, a very lifelike piece of animation with great lip sync. The best thing I’ve seen done with that sample to date!


:drool: nice job, excellent job on the motions and lipsynching :thumbsup:


The funniest thing of this year for me :buttrock:
I really LOL at the end with that smoke…
The face expressions are the best I’ve seen for long time :buttrock:
Same thing for the personnality :buttrock:

You deleted all the previous movies I’ve seen, and rised the bar above again.

Congratulations, nothing more to say.

…5 Stars (and hopefully the front page) :buttrock:


hehe that was COOOL!
Love the smoke! :thumbsup:

And good to see another swede in here aswell!!!


Oboy! Thanks alot all!

Forgot to mention that it is made with Lightwave 7.5.

@ Frank Dodd: “The best thing I’ve seen done with that sample to date!” — Does this mean someone beat me to this? :slight_smile: Where can I see other stuff with this sound?


the smoke!!! roflmao :wip:
great :buttrock:


Nice and Clean!
Good animation, I love the music too!


heh, annoying yea but very good :slight_smile: I like him, keep it coming


Fantastic animation and great character!! :applause:

I really love what you did with the music and sound clips. Perfect!! 5 stars from me! Subtle and cool camera work, too.

I can’t wait to see what else you do with the Annoying Thing, loads of potential there.


HAHAHAHAHA AWESOME!!! [plugged] :thumbsup:


Hahahah fantastic, great camera movement…it add’s allot!..

Friggin funny character also! :smiley:


LOL… so unexpected!

very funny and the sync was awesome!


That was completely unexpected and I love it. Great job on the synching too :smiley:

Can’t really think of anything to add :slight_smile:


it’s imposible to give any negative comment for this one. funny as hell :slight_smile:

Love your camera move


I played this at work and everyone came running in wondering what it was. Had the volume a little to loud. Everyone loved it. I like how one pupil is smaller than the other.