Animation test human beat box "le petit prince"


did this for fun while i was thinking about the storyboard,
i plan to make the meeting with the fox from “le petit prince” (saint exupery).

time to shut down the reverbere


To begin with, you’ve got some nicely designed characters here. They look good, and the scene is nicely constructed and rather well rendered.

I think the animation needs some work. I’ve seen much, much worse, but it does need work. The character on the right has some popping leg joints and his feet slide around, rather than planting. Now, I realize that your feet are supposed to slide when you’re doing the electric slide, but toward the end, the foot sliding looks unnatural. What are you using for reference? If you can, you might want to get some videotape of people breakdancing or moving in ways similar to what you’re trying to do here.


Hey there,

I like the characters and the idea. However, I couldn’t really tell what the fox was doing? Is he beatboxing? If so, then you should add some more detail to the cheeks. Have them blow in and out, because that’s what they do when you beatbox. I beatbox myself, so I would know :wink: Haha. You should look for video documentaries from Rahzel. Just study what he does. Also look for Kenny Muhammad. Those two guys are just insane with beats! For the breakdancing bit, you should use a better reference, as Smartypants suggested. The breakdancing looks dodgy and looks more like Saturday Night Fever dancing ahhaha. Anyways, nice idea. Just improve on those things and you’ll have a pretty accurate scene there :D.

Peace n take care,



The leg “popping” look intentional to me (since he is doing the moon-walk right?). But his hands do look like they unintentionally pop when he gets up from the splits. The arm movements look a little floaty. And I think the drop into the splits could be sped up a few frames. But, for the most part, this is a good start.


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