Animation techniques?


Ok, it’s been awhile for me to animate. I went to school for it but felt like I never really learned how to correctly animate. I would like some advice if anyone doesn’t mind giving it.

Should I set keys on everything after posing regardless if they were not moved or values were not changed? Like should I just make a set key to highlight all controls and key every value?

I’ve seen videos about character pickers but have no clue how to use them? Does anyone know of one that’s really good and compatible with most rigs? Also, is there a tutorial on how to use it?

I want to learn to animate fast and well. I went to school for it but never got a job fornit. I feel like I wasted the past decade and need to catch up and learn anything new and old out there about how to animate properly and fast.

If anyone has links to tutorials or information I should look at please don’t hesitate to link them! I would really appreciate all the help I could get!


Start here.

After you get up to speed with animation in general, then focus on the technical aspects of the software and character pickers. Don’t use them if you’re just getting back into it. It’s just a different way of selecting controls. Learn how to create custom shelves and buttons for selecting controls, and start animating, the rest will come naturally and with time. You just need to start, and start with a simple character with minimal controls. It’s actually counter-productive to jump in and start using insanely rigged characters, it steals focus from what you should actually be focusing on, ANIMATION. Best of luck