Animation studies in Europe



I am planning to shift in Europe to study 3d animation. I have great interest in visual storytelling and 3d animation. As my father lives in Greece I am planning to use this opportunity. Currently I am doing bachelor in Computer science and Engineering on final year I believe this not what I made for. I have been familiar with graphics design and motion design as well. But I want to have in dept study on this. Now I have few question on this.

  1. Shall I go for a master degree or do a diploma on animation?
  2. If I choose masters, is it event possible as my studies are not art backgrounded.
  3. Which country I shall look for study 3d animation?
  4. Is Sweden is good for studying 3d animation?


I don’t know much about 3d animation studies but as far as I’ve noticed UK got so many job positions related to 3d art. After UK, Germany is good and Sweden.