Animation: "Snow Fall" teaser



This is my first post in this forum (my first finished work).

I just got the teaser for my 3D animation project “Snow Fall” released. I am looking for comments and critique about it, so that I can improve the upcoming trailer and eventually the final animated short movie.

Here are some screenshots from the teaser, so you can decide whether to download the animation itself.

The high quality DivX AVI (5.6MB) is here:

You can also download a low-quality DivX AVI version or an MPG version from the Download page of the project web pages at:

Thank you for your interest!

Edit: Oh, I just read in the main forum the thread about using Poser objects… Yes, the pilot’s head in my project is originally from Poser, in case you are wondering. :slight_smile:



normaly i don’t write any posts…

but your teaser is too good to get no replies!

you have a good feeling for dramatic cuts (and soundtrack :slight_smile: )

If you want it, it’s ok but i would try to hide more this “Cinema4D-style”! I use it for a long time and i know, it’s hard to get this soft-looking-style away.

hope you understand my F***-bad english!


Yes! I agree with daltonmonaie!:thumbsup:
But! Seriously, don’t push too much on the reflection, you’ll get it less “CG”…


wow fantastic!!! I personally don’t care if the head is a poser model (although its something you have to credit in the end), your animation is fantastic. I really can’t wait till this is done. The music fit perfectly, and i really loved all the reflections and the piolots expression. Gave me chills, and thats hard to do with just a teaser trailer.
Who did the soundtrack? Great music.



Thanks for the nice words!

Actually I aimed for a slightly soft look, and the reflections are my personal preference (me likes them chrome balls! :slight_smile: ). I guess I should tone both of those down a little bit in the future…

The music is by Chris Holm ( ), composed specifically for this teaser.

Thanks again!



Okay, I just finished the first lipsync clip for this project!

Here is a screenshot from the clip:

Head mesh, texture and basic facial poses from Poser.
Other objects, all animation and rendering done with Cinema4D.
Voice from AT&T Natural Speaking speech synthesizer.

Thanks for taking a look, all comments appreciated!



A great way to start you time here in the CGTalk forums I’d say. Liked both, the only thing I’m going to point out is in the Lipsynch test. The talking felt mechanical. I think the lipmoved fine to show each word but there seemed to be too much time in between words.


Thanks DarkHydra!

Yeah, the speech synthesizer makes the speech sounds rather mechanical, I am looking into ways of making it sounds more natural. Too bad I don’t know any natice english-speaking people who could do the voice acting for my project.



Teaser and lip-sync are looking really good.
I’m sure someone here could record the dialog and send you the files. It would sound alot better then the synthesizer.

I know you said you like alot of reflection, but it does make to hard to see the faces.

Can’t wait to see more of this.

C4D rocks :buttrock:


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